Faith, Patience, And Joy Essay

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Many goals come in life that people wish to follow, but the one holy goal is found in heaven. Everyone can have this dream, but only those with true faith can reach that goal with patience and joy. People strive towards their goal that, depending on how hard they fight, they may or may not reach. John Bunyan’s main character, Christian, in his book, Pilgrim’s Progress, fights to reach his goal of the Celestial City from his current city, City of Destruction. Christian’s journey is not easy, though, as he must dodge numerous obstacles and distractions. Christian is determined to stay on the right path, just as I am focused on staying patient and faithful to reach my life goal. Christian’s determination pays off and he is rewarded with success of the joy, patience, and faithfulness of the Celestial City. Just as Christian had the ambition to get through the hurdles in life, I must focus to become more faithful and patient to have joy when I reach my goal of becoming a faithful and patient person of God.
Christian encounters many people who try and lead him down a different path including Worldly Wiseman. Worldly Wiseman encourages Christian to take the get rid of his burden, and take the short, easy route to his destiny, instead of the long, hard route Christian is currently taking. Christian finds that even though the short route is described as ‘better’ by Wiseman, Christian knows that he needs to stay on his own route because he finds relief: “I don’t care what I meet in the way as long as I can also find deliverance from my burden” (Bunyan 16). Worldly Wiseman focuses his life on getting rid of all burdens, and focusing on worldly comforts. Christian, on the other hand, keeps his burden, and pushes through his long and hard road to his goal. A time in my life when I ran into the same problem was during my 7th grade year at school, and people wanted me to go hang out, instead of doing homework. However, I stood strong and said no, my homework was more important to me than chatting. In the end, I realized that by focusing on what I knew was right, I set a good example for other people to follow. While some of my friends were mad at me, and questioned me for what I had chosen, I soon realized that taking my path would show others how being faithful towards a goal made life easier for me to follow God.
In order for Christian to reach the Palace Beautiful, he has to climb the Hill of Difficulty. In the same way, I had to focus on my faith in order to become a stronger person of God. Similarly, Christian discusses how the better way to go was the most difficult way versus the two other easy, but deathly paths: “Better, though difficult, the Right Way to go, Than Wrong, though easy, where the End is Woe” (Bunyan 53). Formalist and Hypocrisy both take the easier paths, but they end up in a deadly trap. While Christian struggles to get up the Hill of...

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