Faith Upon Disaster Essay

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Myths arise from the need of humans to provide answers to questions such as where we come from, what our purpose in life is and to explain why things happen; these along with many others that cannot be directly approached. In the case of disasters, destruction and death, humans always try to give some sort of hope for those that are struck by it. By providing some sort of explanation to why it happens and also by establishing a connection to their deity, the topic becomes more bearable and more applicable to one’s life. An example of this is the story of Atrahasis and the account of Genesis; they both deal with the creation of humankind, as well as giving an explanation of why humans have a life spam. In both stories, although there is chaos and punishments for humankind, at the end humans are not fully destroyed but rather giving a set of rules or commands that they are to live by. They few that survive the wrath of the gods are also by a deity who cares about them and wants does not want them to go perish. By establishing this bond between the deity and the person, the myth does not only provide and explanation to the question, but it also provides with the idea that one can gain the some sort of closeness to a deity and benefit from it in case of disasters.
Atrahasis is an 1800 BC Old Babylonian text that is both a creation and a destruction story and it involves many gods that create humans to do the work and then becoming annoyed by them since they don’t have a life spam. According to the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, Genesis was completed on 1513 BC and it covers from “the beginning of times” up until 1657 and it involves the creation of the world, as well as mankind, and the restoration of the goodness of earth. Although both of these stories talk about creation of humankind, the focus of this discussion will be on the destruction of most of humankind by means of a great flood. ...

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