Loyal Friends Essay

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Loyal friends are something that we all wish we had more of. You know the friends I'm talking about they are the ones who show you complete devotion and will always back you up without question. Loyal friends are something we all need. Everyone needs someone they can trust. Loyalty is a very good trait to look for in your friends. If one of your friends is loyal to you then you know they will never betray your trust. This is very important in my eyes because nothing is more annoying then when you tell your best friend something that is supposed to be kept between the two of you, and then you come to find out that they told the whole school what you said. You are left feeling betrayed and stupid because you trusted that person.There are many other benefits to having a loyal friend. For instance, you will have someone that will always be there for you when you need them. Also, it is nice to know that you always have someone watching your back. It is also good to have true friends. These friends can shoot down untrue rumors about you and prevent them from spreading, which saves you a lot of trouble and frustration. Loyalty is a good trait to look for in people but loyal people are usually hard to come by. In my opinion I would rather have one or two very true loyal friends than a whole bunch of "school" friends. I would define school friends as follows: someone that you hang out with at school but rarely do stuff together out of school. Many of these school friends that you hang out don't really care what your going through. They may act like they are your friends but in actuality they don't care. They just want someone to hang out with at school. But on the other hand you have your true loyal friends. These people are most always less in number than your school friends but far more valuable. You can easily tell when talking to your true friends because they care about what you're going through and they will help you in any way they can. That is...

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