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The subject of faith is a difficult topic for me. I consider myself to have an unconventional faith and sometimes have difficulty sharing it with others. Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to experience other religions of which I have incorporated into my life. My mother was Catholic and raised us with the same beliefs. She was very devoted to her religion, despite not attending church on regular basis, she was still able to pass on her beliefs, incorporating them into our daily lives. One of the most important lessons she taught me was respect, mainly self-respect. She always told me that if I could respect myself then others would do so as well. I also learned acceptance and forgiveness from her. My father was not an easy man to live with or love. My mother encouraged us to look past his gruffness, respect him as our father, accept his faults, and forgive his poor parenting skills.
As an adult, I often heard of the word “Karma”; and so being a curious person, I sought out more information. I learned that “Karma” is a Buddhist belief and refers to the good and bad actions of a person and the consequences they bring, in other words “what goes around comes around.” This belief appeals to me and reminds me of what my mother taught me about respect and treating people how I wanted to be treated. The more I have discovered of Buddhism the more I see similarities to my Catholic roots. Respect, acceptance, and forgiveness are some of those similarities and the beliefs I will integrate into my profession to create a more fulfilling and dynamic workplace and raise the level of effectiveness. Working with a diverse group of people can be difficult, it is up to the individual to find ways to cope and take the lessons learned in life and incorporate into your current profession.
Respect is essential to the success and survival of any relationship and varies from person to person. Often we tend to respect those that have more experience and more accomplished than we are. Buddhism teaches a respect of all living things. Catholicism teaches a respect of our elders, parents, and people of authority. In adult hood, it is easy to forget this simple courtesy. We begin to develop our own opinion on how a person should gain our respect and lose sight of the bigger picture. Regardless of the relationship, everyone deserves some level of respect and consideration. With out respect, there can be no trust, and a lack of trust leads to discord and strife. In a professional environment, the lack of respect and trust can be detrimental to productivity and moral. I will use my principle belief of respect to encourage productivity and moral.
The simplest way to show respect to my coworkers is to treat them as I wish to be treated. Respect them by showing consideration for their likes and dislikes. Give them my undivided attention when they speak, without interruptions. Acknowledge their opinions and encourage them to express them. Include them in...

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