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Fake Path Essay

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Assignment: Advice Brittany D'Amico 3NOTHING HAS TO BE SAIDNew York City is a big city that most seem not to understand yet try to explain it; and I don't do it any justice nether. It's now Sunday I've been writing this paper since Thursday and yet I'm this far, but I get it now. It's because NO ONE understands this city so how can we give advice. I nor anyway can give you New York because New York goes to you. You're either born with it or it finds you.NOTHING! No one says shall ever help you "ease" your move to New York City. If you really want 2 pieces of advice this is what you're going to get.Don't believe what people say about this city. (you're not going to get stabbed)No advice you receive shall do this city justice.I've lived in this city my whole life and I don't know what to say about it so the people where you coming from definitely don't know my city. Yes, you might hear 5 cop cars pass and then 1 ambulance stop by your house but take that as a good sign for you. You're not the one in the back of any of those vehicles. Why would you want any advice anyway? Because the best way to understand New York City is to take it head on. There is no better way to learn about the city they for you to experience it for yourself.Since I lived here my whole life I felt that my thinking was just to close minded because I didn't have to adapt because this is my home. I don't feel out of place because these are my people and this city is me. So I asked a handful of people that have been here for all different amounts of time. What is one thing you wished someone had told you about this city before you moved here in order to make it easier for you? The first thing they all said was "aaaa I just don't know". Yet some have been here for less than a year. When they finally though of things it was all over the place. And here's a list form where they are and what they said.Anthony, raised in Virginia: I wish someone told me how much everything wasNjamib, raised in Africa: How much poverty is in New York.Mary, raised in upstate New York: Always keep moving even if you lost.Linda, raised in Ohio: To not be intimidated or shy.Heather, raised in Louisiana: To not worry because a New York minute goes very fast.None of them are wrong but yet I can't say they right. None of them repeated the same thing which means they all have had different experiences so how can any of their advice...

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