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Looking back through history on the classic civilizations, one will observe many strong and powerful empires. Empires such as the Romans, Greeks, Gupta, and the Han, all seemed so dominate and indestructible. However, as time has told, all these great empires have fallen into the history books as greatness that has passed. What is it that caused these great empires to fall, was it the results of external factors such as invasion, or the spread of a dominating religion, or was it due to internal factors such as political or economic issues. The answer to this question is found by examining two of the greatest classic empires, the Romans and the Hans. While there is no one single point of ...view middle of the document...

It is no coincident that shortly after this weakening of the government that the Han dynasty came to an end.
On the Roman side of the world, the decline due to poor governance was a lot more subtle, with period of great leaders and then a time of horrible leaders. Corruption ran amuck throughout the upper leadership in Rome. Officials would use their wealth to gain the support of the populace along with the support of the armies. All this was done to bolster their position in the government (Lintott 629). Toward the end of the Roman Empire, emperors were getting assassinated or forcible removed from office that some emperors served less than five or six months (Lendering).This power struggle weakened the Empire so much that it would never recover.
The next internal issue that factored into the fall of these two Empires was their deteriorating economies. Both empires had strong and thriving economies during their early years, due greatly to the vast and advance infrastructure of both empires. Engineering marvels such as the aqueducts, roads, and the invention of concrete in the Roman Empire, and the Great Wall, canals, and roads in the Han Empire. This infrastructure allowed for improved agriculture production and established permanent trade between cities and nations. However, with this advanced infrastructure, it costs money to build and maintain it. In addition to these public works, money was needed to support the armies to conquer new lands and defend the current boarders.
Leading up to the fall of the Han Empire the Han government had a problem with being able to collect enough tax revenue from its citizens to support its army required to protect the country from invasion. With the wealthy and powerful land owners typically find a way to excuse themselves from having to pay any tax, the burden fell down to the peasants. With such a high taxation on the peasants, many would often abscond to avoid having to pay any tax (Duiker and Spielvogel, 152). Due to the Government’s inability to collect the necessary taxes the Empire was constantly short on money which affect the ability to maintain the army needed to secure the boarders of the Empire. The shortage of money also prevented the Empire from continuing to focus on internal improvements.
A similar situation is seen in the...

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