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Fall Of The Huron Essay

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The Fall of the Huron
How is it possible to have your closest ally contribute to the downfall of your own people? The two main reasons which led to the Huron defeat were their French allies and the Iroquois. The French gave the Wendat people many deadly diseases such as smallpox and measles. These deadly diseases killed more than half of the Huron population. The Wendat’s closest ally also didn’t give them permission to have guns unless they converted to Christianity. The Iroquois, enemies of the Huron, also contributed to the fall of the Huron. The Iroquois were also hurt by disease which caused them to attack the Huron to help them rebuild their population. Unlike the French, the Iroquois were given guns without being forced by the Dutch and English to become Christians. The Huron’s biggest ally and enemy led to their tribes defeat.

In the early 1600s, the French created allies with the Huron. Samuel de Champlain travelled up the Ottawa River, where he met the Wendat people. At first, the natives were overwhelmed by what the white people had. They had metals that were used in pots and knives
and the use of guns for hunting. As the natives desperately wanted these items, they began trading beaver pelts with the Europeans. The French had a different understanding of ownership of land. The French slowly began take over the Huron’s land as they created many settlements such as St. Marie Among the Huron. The Europeans also created my laws, one of them involved the ownership of guns. In order for a Huron to get a gun, you had to become a Christian. This caused great controversy as many of the Hurons wanted to keep their culture. With this law, the Hurons went into war disadvantaged as they weren’t allowed to have guns. At the time of the first European contact, there were about 20,000-40,000 Huron people. Unfortunately, the French brought many deadly diseases, including smallpox and measles, with...

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