Fall Prevention To Promote Safe Environment

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We are part of world, which is fast moving and everyone has understanding of what can be achieved in healthcare, which is everyday reframed by advancement in technology and science. The challenge in today’s healthcare is to evaluate the continual discovery techniques and knowledge for effectiveness in a care delivery and applying in to practice. To deliver the most efficient, safe and effective patient care, it is important to adopt best available knowledge of nursing practices. It is very important for a nurse to be clinical expertise, know the preferences of patient and values of most updated research evidence.
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There are number of factors that can promote fall, which nurse has to identify and incorporate interventions to the care plan to reduce risks for fall. These factors can be different from patient to patient. Some examples of risk factors are patient’s medical condition, impaired mobility, muscle weakness, vision, balancing, unsteady gait, history of strokes, loss of sensation, lower extremities, medication related risk factors, and environment factors. In this article, the purpose of study is to answer the question that how nurse can help in preventing fall and delivering safe environment by promoting effective education to patient.
In the medical field, it is becoming very difficult and challenging to have fall risk assessment and designing their appropriate interventions due to complex nature of falls. The effective interventions consists of collaboration of interdisciplinary assessment and therapeutic interventions, which may include properly designed exercise, evaluating existing medical condition, and considering available environment factors.
In article “A New approach to preventing falls with injuries”, had done 18 month project to prevent falls with injuries in healthcare institutions. Many hospitals participated in this project and the main goal for the project was to decrease falls with injury by 50%. According to study in this article, even though hospitals were of different size in beds, they used the same methods and tools like Robust Process Improvement methods and tools, all gained success in goal to prevent falls. As per article, Robust Process Improvement is a methodology consists of systematic, fact based problem solving interventions.
According to study conducted, once the data of identified factors contributing to patient fall were gathered, the hospital starts examining and understanding the factors within their organization, which contributes to patient fall like characteristics of patient, fall risk assessment, assistance to ambulate, medication regimen, bathroom and toileting needs, safety alarm devices, call lights, communication barriers, environmental factors, and medical condition of patient. After gathering this information and utilizing it to develop effective and patient focused care plan helps healthcare provider to control on fall prevention.
After critically analyzing and reviewing the both article, I feel that fall risk assessment needs to be done for all patients upon admission for proper intervention and identification to reduce falls. As a nurse it is our responsibility to identify risk factor, and implement proper intervention for fall prevention to reduce patient risk for fall. In addition, I have seen in my nursing career that many falls could have been prevented if proper implication of intervention and communication with all clinician has been carried out by a nurse. Some simple interventions can prevent a fall or serious injury related to a fall, i.e. bedside commode, call light in reach,...

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