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Fallen Societies Essay

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Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a “perfect” society? Truth is, there are no “perfect” societies due to the many reasons that lead them to fall. So why do societies fall? Many great societies have fallen due to corrupt leaders, scarcity in necessary resources, and sickness. Germany, China, Sierra Leone, and the fictional society of Ember, are all examples of how once great societies fall. All of these societies fell due to corrupt leaders, resource scarcity, and sickness.
The society of Ember, China, Sierra Leone, and Germany, have fallen due to corrupt leader, resource scarcity, and sickness. The city is experiencing blackouts and the mayor isn’t trying to resolve the problem and tell the citizens of Ember the truth. “And the lights flickered, and flickered again, and went out”(78). “Expects us to believe…,” said one voice. “He’s just trying to keep us quiet,” said another. “Heading for disaster…”(89). Hitler discriminated people by their race, religion, and even appearance. “Hitler’s intentions were to rid Germany of any imperfections and have a perfect race, everyone having Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Hitler’s actions were luckily stopped but while his actions were in place, they resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people just because they didn’t have blonde hair or blue eyes or just because one man thought that a certain race weren’t human but monsters.” Corrupt leaders are one of the many factors that lead to societies falling.
A scarcity of resources, is a major reason that societies have fallen, or will lead them to fall. The Mayor of Ember was hoarding resources that was needed by the people of Ember to survive, like food, clothes, and even light bulbs to light the city. “There was no road, or passage, or a stairway behind the door. There was a brightly lit room, whose size he could not guess because it was so crowded with things. On all sides were crates and boxes, sacks and bundles and packages. There were mounds of cans, heaps of clothes, rows of jars and bottles, stacks of light bulb packages”(100). The scarcity of resources in China could affect them in the future. “Limited resources are going to be more evident in the coming decade as the country reckons with the environmental and
resource cost of that growth.” When a society has a scarcity in resources, this could lead the society...

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