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Fallen Society Essay

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Perfect societies, some last for a while and some don't, but all great things come to an end, and these did. Could you imagine something so put together fall in an instant? Well here you will learn about this."Perfect" societies fall for many reasons; corrupt leaders, Scarce Resources, and illnesses. Here, There are two Great societies, The City of Ember and Nazi germany, They both fell or will fall. And this is in the result of those three things.

There are many reasons politically why societies fall, but we will be focusing on Corrupt leaders.In my first society, which is my Dystopian Novel,The City Of Ember. In my book the mayor was corrupt and kept secrets from everyone.“ “So first ...view middle of the document...

“Sometimes the darkness in the middle of the day.The city of Ember was old, and everything in it, including the power lines, was in need of repair.So now and then the lights would flicker and go out.” (page 4)On the other hand, germany was different. They were running low on oil, which they also us for everything.They didnt have enough supplies to last them.“Germany did not build up her supplies of oil sufficiently for a long war, and even early in the Second World War it was evident that there would be little reserves should supply be cut off, which happened in mid-1944, the effects of which were disastrous for the German war machine.”In all, everyone will have a shortage of resources/Supplies sooner or later. But whether you can afford the shortage depends on your economy.

Back in the days of AD or BC they didn't have the correct medication or remedy at all to cure sicknesses.This social reason is why societies can fall because the population will go down along with money.In the City Of Ember, People did get sick, and weren't able to get treated in order to live. For example one of the old mayors of ember were sick and tried to open the box.“ He was ill--he had the...

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