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Falling In Love Essay

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Unconditional love is love that is given without conditions. It’s a type of affection and caring that is so strong that you feel it consistently, regardless of what the other person does. In my eyes, unconditional love is one of the most real loves you can experience. Real love is not defined by money, sex, or looks, it’s about accepting the very truth of someone. An example of conditional love would be if someone did happen to fall in love with a handsome, successful businessman. If one day he loses everything from his looks, his car, and his money but his significant lover didn’t care about those things and loved him regardless, that would be unconditional love. This goes without saying, but conditional love is the exact opposite of unconditional love. Regardless, I will provide an example. Conditional love is a love that requires specific actions of conditions in order to be maintained. For example someone who has a ...view middle of the document...

Step into any high school and you’ll find multiple accounts of puppy love. However, while it is most common in the younger demographic, it still occurs in adult relationships. In a vague sense there is a connection between puppy love and love at first sight. You can draw this connection because both types of love occur before you truly get to know the person at the core and yet you’ve fallen for them.

Unrequited love is the feeling of being hopelessly and almost desperately in love with someone, all the while knowing that those feelings will never be returned by them. This could be because they only see them as a friend (also known as friend-zoned) or because they just don’t see them at all. Someone who has an unrequited love for another individual spends their time pining over them, wishing one day that their feelings will be returned but they never are. Unrequited love is probably one of the most miserable loves someone can experience for another human being. It can be masochistic in nature due to the fact that is causes such heartache and yet you can’t help but loving the person so much that you willingly let your heart go through the agony and continue to hold onto hope. An example of unrequited love can be found in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. However, I’m not talking about the love between Romeo and Juliet, that’s a whole different mess. In Act 1 Romeo was infatuated by Rosaline, who happens to not feel the same way and plans to become a nun. Him being unable to win her heart is a classic example of unrequited love.

Tough love is caring for someone while remaining unsympathetic and being strict. This type of love is expressed by setting boundaries for the good of the other person. Tough love often occurs between a child and their parents, or some other family member. An example of tough love would be sending a family member who does drugs to rehab for their own good. Another example comes from the movie Ray. When Ray Charles first went blind there was a scene in the movie where he fell down in his house and was crying out for the help of his mother. However, his mother did not come to the aid of her son because she felt she needed to teach him to be independent despite his blindness.

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