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Falling Societies Essay

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Imagine a perfect society where there is no problems with the government,no money issues, and no social injustice. Sorry to tell you there is no such thing. In this essay I will tell you about three societies that have failed Ancient Rome, America, and Unwind. As you read you will see the cracks in their society that lead them to fail. Like no centralized government, excessive money spending and social injustice.
No centralized government in a society is a major factor why societies fail. In the fake society of unwind Connor is a runaway unwind and his parents try so hard to get him unwound and spend the time and money of tracking his cellphone and have the juvey cops come. In this society ...view middle of the document...

Rome’s society spent excessive amounts on the military to keep building their empire. But they spent too much money on it because it didn't leave any money for the people of Rome to buy food, housing and just to maintain their society. That is one of the reasons that Rome fell. As you can see you need a strong ,stable economy to survive.
Another reason why societies fail is because of social injustice. In the book unwind there is social injustice all over the book. They do not treat unwinds or kids the age of 13-17 fairly. Like a kid named Roland he beat up his stepfather because his stepfather was beating his mom up. Roland’s stepfather got off with a warning and Roland got sent to be unwound. That is totally not fair he was just trying to protect his mom and for that he got unwound. So social injustice can lead to a society falling because in the book you will see the unwinds get mad and start to rebel on the system because it is not fair. In the civil rights time era many people were discriminated against because of the color of their skin. They had to use different public places then the white people and they didn't think it was right. So the African american people started to fight back and that started to mess up their...

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