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Falling Society Essay

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Hey..Hey buddy, You think that your society is perfect, without any flaws or worries? Well, that's what the Romans and what Nazi Germany thought, and where are they now? Gone. That's where they are. Even in the fiction book, Ready Player One, they thought they were so tough, but not anymore. These Societies may have been powerful and wealthy, but they all suffered the same fate. Corrupt leaders, turned the society upside down. Poverty, affected the moral of the civilization, bringing it down. Wars destroyed the society, making it weak to attacks. Even the most powerful and beautiful civilizations, fall due to Corrupt leaders, Poverty, and wars.

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” (TCI, Rome)
Society can’t function without a working government with people who will benefit everybody and not themselves. You might be thinking, “Oh if Political Corruption led to the fall of “Big” Societies then it must be the worst.” Well, you would be wrong. It rivals with Poverty, which is still around the world. It is a major problem, it has contributed to the fall of Rome as well as other civilizations. It has affected the USA’s history back in the 1900’s.

Even though Political Corruption led to the downfall of society, it also has a rival to it. Poverty. Poverty affects the entire world and almost 2.4 billion people are in poverty. It is a major world problem.
Poverty in my dystopian novel, is all around the world. About 2/3rds of the world are in poverty. Thats why the economy sucks and the society is crappy. The people are affected as well. They have to live in non-livable conditions. The houses or “Stacks” are basically Mobile homes stacked on top of each other, only held in my scaffolding which could easily fail, and bring down the stack as well as 4 others around. The USA experienced the same effects as Ready Player One “The other part of the trailer reeked of cat piss and abject poverty. The stacks were held in by scaffolds that were easily breakable. Stack collapses were not uncommon.” (Cline, Pg 54).
The Great Depression had affected the USA in many ways than one. It took the economy down when the stock market collapsed and millions of people lost their jobs and their homes. It led to people being unemployed. “The stock market crashed, triggering the Great Depression, the worst economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world. With banks failing and businesses closing, more than 15 million Americans (one-quarter of the workforce) became unemployed.” (PBS, PG 1). We’ve looked over two of the reasons why societies fall. Such as Political corruption and Poverty. But, we still have one more to...

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