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Falling Victim To The Past A Persuassive Essay Based On Martha Ostenso's "Wild Geese".

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In the novel, Wild Geese, by Martha Ostenso, the members of the Gare household struggle immensely under the oppressiveness of Caleb Gare, the father and Amelia Gare, the mother. The children of the Gare family face many obstacles, such as lack of voice, lack of control, and limited possibilities. Although Ostenso's Wild Geese is an award winning piece of literature, much of the novels significance and power has been lost over time. The control Caleb and Amelia have over their children is vividly realistic but is portrayed in completely different ways; Caleb through his greed and need for control and Amelia's desire to conceal her past.During the 1920's, the time which the novel was written, children had very few rights. A child was seen as property of the family. Children were to be seen but not heard and were to always be obedient. This is definitely the case in the Gare household. This lack of children's rights is further compounded by the isolation of the Gare's farming community in rural Manitoba. Policing would not have been prevalent in the immediate area, especially when it came to household affairs. Although this sort of treatment still exists in some homes, in general, our sense of what a family's responsibility is to a child and what the child's responsibility is to the family has evolved over time.Wild Geese is viewed as both scandalous and revolutionary. Written during a time when children's rights were not yet defined, the novel challenges these views. Ostenso brilliantly portrays this evolution of the times with the character Lind Archer and her relationships with the Gare's and Mark Jordan. Lind is a school teacher sent to teach in rural Manitoba. The Gare family, with whom Lind boards, is ruled and manipulated by the cruel Caleb and Amelia Gare. Caleb Gare delights in crushing the spirits of his four children and tormenting his wife.And then, strangely enough, she would wipe her eyes and suddenly realize that it was not herself that she had been thinking of at all, but the Gare's - Amelia, with her inviolable reserve and quiet graciousness, behind which she lived who knew about life; Ellen, prim to a point of agony; Martin, the stumbling dreamer, forever silent in his dream; the boy, Charlie; whom Caleb pampered and played against the others; Judith, vivid and terrible, who seemed the embryonic ecstasy of all life; and Caleb, who could not be characterized in the terms of human virtue or human vice - (35)After a very short time in the Gare household, Lind is able to see clearly how Caleb manipulates each individual. Unlike Caleb, Amelia's cruelty is less obvious and is not understood by Lind. Lind knows Amelia is troubled but can not figure out what is causing her pain. Lind attempts to get the children to open up to her but they are reluctant to discuss any of the household affairs with her. The children are not comfortable or used to thinking about, let alone speaking about, what went on in their home. Judith, at times, seems as...

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