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André Gilde once fittingly said, “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity”; in other words, one blinded by power, whose actions and thoughts are a dichotomy is a true hypocrite. I agree with Gilde. A true hypocrite according to Gilde is someone who zealously enforces their thoughts and stops recognizing their deception in the process. When one ceases to perceive one’s own deception, s/he is preaching thoughts blindly; preaching thoughts blindly spurs only semblance not reality. Ideas expressed zealously and blindly often lead to the creation of a utopian aim for himself or herself. Someone who recklessly pursues their inclination eventually transgresses their own laws. To achieve success one will do anything, blinded by any power they have. This part of Gilde’s statement is exemplified in Moliere’s Tartuffe by Tartuffe; nevertheless, he does not meet all the criteria’s to be called a hypocrite. With power, man loses his own ideals, perverts a utopian aim surpassing his own laws. As hard as Moliere tries to depict a true hypocrite in Tartuffe, he fails.
Moliere’s Tartuffe is said to depict the true hypocrite. Tartuffe acts as if he is a pious man, but his intentions are very cruel. Tartuffe’s actions are in complete disagreement with his thoughts. However, he has not ceased ‘to perceive his deception’. Tartuffe is cognizant of the difference in his thoughts and actions. When the audience is first introduced to Tartuffe, he gives himself away as a pseudo or a man who is not truly pious; “[Observing DORINE, and calling to his manservant off-stage.] Hang up my hair-shirt, put my scourge in place,” (Act 3, Scene 2, Line 1). One can infer that Moliere is trying to build on Tartuffe’s impression of being a hypocrite set by a majority of the characters in earlier acts. He is completely aware of his deception, his deception are not yet second nature. From the audience’s point of view, Tartuffe seems to be aware of the pious mask he is putting on, when he talks about his hair-shirt and scourge, after looking at Dorine. Tartuffe indubitably has not ceased to perceive is deception, Tartuffe is still trying to portray a pious person; yet many believe him to be a hypocrite.
Tartuffe’s ‘hypocrisy’ as many believe it to be, is simply a lie; a form of deception. Towards the close of Tartuffe, Tartuffe shows, his awareness of the deception again; when Orgon, uncovers the true nature of Tartuffe with the help of Elmire, Tartuffe is banished from the house. However, Tartuffe returns, not to restore his position in Orgons family, but to...

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