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False love part 2"Hello? Heather? Are you still there." I just realized I was still holding the phone I didn't hang up. "Yeah I'm still here." "How have you been?" After a long pause I said, "I've been good, how about you?" "I'm good, I was just wondering are you doing anything tonight?" I thought for a little while. "No, not really, why?" "Do you want to go to the movies or something tonight?" My heart stopped. "Okay, sure." It wasn't me who answered I don't know why I said what I said. Before I could say anything else he spoke. "Great! Well I'll see you later, I got to go to work, so I'll see you later." "Bye." "Bye."I hung up, and took a deep breath. "You idiot! Why did you say yes!?" Deep down inside I felt a little excited.I went down stairs to see my mom in the kitchen, my dad and sister were at the table. "Good morning everyone!" I said cheerfully. My sister stared at me."Looks like you got a good nights sleep." "Yeah I did, I guess." I said frowning. I took a seat next to my sister. "Where's Mo?" I asked my mom. "He's up stairs sleeping." I looked at the clock it was 11. "I thought he had work today?" My sister Summer asked."He does." My dad answered her. I ate quickly, and walked into the den. "Good morning Cutie." I said kissing my cat on the head. I fed him and watched him eat."What are you doing?" My brother said walking into the den. "I'm feeding Cutie, what does it look like I'm doing?" "Whatever, did Caitlin call this morning?" "No, that was a friend of mine."My brother was three and a half years older than me. He was the quarter back in high school, he was someone no one wanted to mess with. We almost had the same features. My nose was almost like his, he was darker than me, and his hair was way different than mine, mine was finer, softer. His eyes are honey, and my are dark chocolate.My sister on the other hand was a year and three months younger than me. Her hair was almost the same as mine, her hair is longer, and lighter. Her nose is nothing like mine. And my mines are darker than hers."You have any plans tonight?" Summer said coming into the den. "I don't know." They both looked at me. "I don't know maybe, if some one calls. Why are you both staring at me like that?" "No reason." My sister said still looking at me. "Whatever, you guys are acting weird today." "You should be talking." "Mo, why are you home? You are never home!" "It's my day off." "Oh, well I'm going to Sara's house I'll see you guys later. Do you want to come Summer?" "Yeah, but then I have to go to Julia's house."I ran up the stairs, and into my room. "What am I going to wear?" I took out a red top and shorts, "I guess I can wear this to Sara's house then when I go see Nick I can change into something else." I changed my clothes and walked onto the balcony."I wish I could just stay here, it's so nice." Heather took a beep breath and let it out."Heather are you done?" Summer yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Yeah, I'm coming now." I said as I walked out...

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