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False Love Part 3"Is he okay? Where are you right now?" "I'm at the hospital. Oh Heather I don't know, the doctor said he has a few head injuries, they think he might be going into a coma!" I heard her sobbing, I didn't know what to say I was having a hard time breathing. "Mrs. C listen to me, you have three little girls who need you, please calm down I'll be there in a few minutes." "Okay dear but please do hurry." I hung up the phone and looked around my room."What am I going to do, I can't tell my parents I'm leaving." I looked at my cat who was sleeping on my bed. I stared outside the widow. "I got it, I can sneak out the window!" I looked through the new clothes I bought today and put on a new pair of jeans, and a black shirt. I grabbed my black jacket, and kissed my cat good bye.I stepped outside and ran to my car. I could tell my mom and dad were not sleeping. I looked at my sister's room, her lights were off.I started the car and went straight to the hospital. I got there twenty minutes later.The first person I saw was Nick's dad. "Heather, you're here." I hugged Nick's parents. "How is he?" "We don't know, we haven't seen him yet." "What happened, tell me everything." Nick's dad started talking, "Nick, was driving Tim home, he had already dropped Joe off. Some drunk guy ran a red light and hit the front of Nick's car and caused them to spin into a street light." "Is Tim okay?" "Yes he's fine, he is here right now, he got a few stitches.""Mr. And Mrs. Caltos?" "Yes doctor?" "Your son will be spending the night here, you may see him now." They both walked off. "Is he going to be okay?" I asked the doctor. "You must be the girlfriend."...

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1660 words - 7 pages to ‘sicken and so dye,’ and yet in a moment he is asking for ‘newes’ of Olivia.” (Draper 129) Orsino want to have excess of this love so that “the appetite may sicken and so die.” (Shakespeare I.i.3) Henze says that Orsino, like other false lovers, he “considers himself like all true lovers, but in his demands on Olivia, his desire for solitude, his selfish submersion in melancholy, he is neither truly loving nor truly generous.” (Henze 272

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944 words - 4 pages , (a) worthy of all praise, and (b) strength. (4) Culumbines means folly. (5) Rue is also known as herb of grace o’ Sundays, but only has one meaning, distain. (6) Daisy has two different meanings, (a) innocence or (b) false promises of love. (7) Violet has several different meanings depending upon the type and its color, (a) blue meaning faithfulness, (b) dame meaning watchfulness (c) Sweet meaning Modesty and (d) yellow meaning rural happiness

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964 words - 4 pages likeness: this was sometime a paradox, but now the time gives it proof. I did love you once.” (Act 3, Scene 1 line 110-113)This demonstrates how much has changed in Hamlets views of Ophelia. She is no more the woman he courted but now looked upon as a representative of the female sex of which his deceitful mother is also a part of. “…I loved you not…” (Act 3, Scene 1 line 116) Hamlet repeats to Ophelia after she states how he led her to believe

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875 words - 4 pages the confirmers of false reckonings…’ (Celia, Act 3, Scene 5, pg. 67). Celia is referring to the deceptive nature of affection. It is supposed that the promises of one who is in love cannot be wholeheartedly trusted. One must elicit their sympathy to an extent that does not override true, heartfelt emotion. Love can make you blind; although the passion is not genuine, individuals are often in love with the thought of being in love. An example of

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1334 words - 5 pages will be true, You shall be true to them who are false to you" (Norton, 1086). As if to say that all that matters is truthfulness. "Break of Day, " seems to be a plea to keep his arms around his beloved in the morning. He is asking why he cannot stay with his beloved in his bed and not rise. He explains that just because it is daytime now, they should not have to part. It should not only be the night that brings them together is what he

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873 words - 4 pages could have pushed them to marry. To start off with, the harsh cultural traditions could have played a role in Romeo and Juliet’s false love. As published in Bard Graduate center “the Italians society use to be very critical to those women who did marry” (“wedding traditions in Italy” Para 1). These harsh cultural traditions could have pushed Juliet to feign love affair with Romeo so that she would not be judged. Furthermore the cultural traditions

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1638 words - 7 pages loves unwisely. Love consumes all those who take part in it, and in Othello's case his flaws lie in his loving Desdemona so blindly. It is for that single reason that Iago knows that such a naïve man as Othello, who loves his wife so blindly and unrealistically, can be corrupted.   Just as Othello's flaws lied within his inability to see past his jealous feelings, so did most of the rest of characters, no matter what social ranking they were

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2106 words - 8 pages , loves Desdemona excessively and passionately, however he loves her unwisely. Love consumes all those who take part in it, and in Othello's case his flaws lie in his loving Desdemona so blindly. It is for that single reason that Iago knows that such a naïve man as Othello, who loves his wife so blindly and unrealistically, can be made to think whatever Iago wants Othello to believe. Just as Othello's flaws lied within his inability to see past his

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2110 words - 8 pages . Unsurprisingly, the story of Echo and Narcissus presents a tale of love that is spurned. The poem is part of a collection of poem published in his epic, titled Metamorphoses. Many have already written on morality as a theme, I will however look at his use of literary devices like, his use of language, imagery and plot devices to create the various tones in order to propel the theme of spurned love. In this essay, I will explore the various outcomes

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1655 words - 7 pages than it can be assumed that Stella is a symbol for all that lust is. M. Morello within the dialogue of "The Courtier" states that "Looks and words may be, and oftentimes are, false witnesses." (page 127) Then Stella's attributes of beauty and speech can be seen as false and ultimately not of virtuous love. Only Love (lust) would vie for her affections in respect to these features. However, Virtue is looking for something deeper in Stella.Virtue

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1176 words - 5 pages . When he claims he wants to be a senseless part of the Garden, he addresses his patron directly, using a capital L on the beginning of Love. "Love let me some senseless piece of this place be;" Twicknam Garden shows Donne in a feeling of Melancholy, whereas in Loves Alchemy, his mind is made up on his view of love, and he is deliberately trying to put a point across, Twicknam Garden is a more emotional poem regarding

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718 words - 3 pages False Love part 1"Damn, why did I do that?" Heather said to herself. She looked at the view around her. "It's so peaceful here, I wish I could enjoy it better." Heather leaned on the balcony rail. "Why did I have to fall in love with that creep? Nick I hate you! Yet I still love you." She stared at the setting sun. A tear drop went down her cheek. "I should be going inside now." Heather said to herself.She walked into her room and sat in front

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1920 words - 8 pages False love part 2"Hello? Heather? Are you still there." I just realized I was still holding the phone I didn't hang up. "Yeah I'm still here." "How have you been?" After a long pause I said, "I've been good, how about you?" "I'm good, I was just wondering are you doing anything tonight?" I thought for a little while. "No, not really, why?" "Do you want to go to the movies or something tonight?" My heart stopped. "Okay, sure." It wasn't me who

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1112 words - 5 pages romance novel, the downfall of love, a powerful hero, makes it a very tragic novel while retaining some aspects of a romantic and even a comical novel. As published in Comedy and Tragedy,” Tragedy also originated as part of a religious ritual.” (Tragedy sen. 3 par. 1). What comedy and tragedy is saying is that the tragedy in this novel goes deeper than just between their families, the roots go down into their own religious and even their moral

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2329 words - 9 pages figures and place her at the center of a sexual and therefore social and economic matrix” (Thomas para 3). Viola brings about an unexpected and unusual type of love that creates desire, which then generates suffering. Viola/Cesario playing the part of both man and woman is where complication and troubles originate from due to the lack of, “any neat definition of his gender or sexual choices” (Thomas para 5). This lack of gender definition can be seen