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Everyone watches the news but does that mean we have to trust them? The media is known for giving us verified information that is usually observed and /or proven. Most people get their information about current events from the news media because it would be impossible to gather all the news themselves. Television news is extremely important in the United States because more people get their news from television broadcasts than from any other source. Print media is the oldest form of media but is very significant. It is known for just reporting more than any other source of media. Radio news was the best ways to broadcast news before the television but, people still listen to the radio every day. “If errors regularly occur in a publication, its reputation suffers in threaten the very existence of publication,” said journalist Maximilian Schafer. Nobody wants to read false publication when they deserve the truth. There are several types of media but false news would still get out to the society by one of these Medias. There have situations where the news told the public false information and got away with it.
Most media companies will tell false information for publicity or because they are hiding something. Media plays a big role when it comes to socializing with the society. Some facts may not ever be heard. Media telling false information is legal but it loses the trust of the public, not fair to the people who trust the media, and news shouldn’t hide facts from the public that they need to be aware of.
Real data from the media makes the public more secure with what’s going on in the world. People want to know the truth and that’s what they deserve. False data doesn’t give the public the information they need. “Fake news lets everyone off the hook by creating a world in which we can laugh off anything no matter how serious or important it turns out to be,” said writer Joe Saltzman. So, false news lies about certain information just for entertainment and to gain interest of the public. Their whole concept is to grasp the public’s attention so that the story will sale, no matter how false the story is. Social media also has an effect on our lives when it comes to false information. For example, it has been reported that a jet with 239 people leaving from Kuala Lumpur, China going to Beijing, China has been missing since March 8, 2014. A rumor that started from social media stated that the plane had landed. People started getting relieved until the news revealed that it was a lie and the plane is still being searched for. Another rumor was that the plane was struck by North Korean missiles which the Korean government stated was false. People become angry at the rumors and stated their feelings on their social media site. Twitter user Geolette said, “Whoever started that rumor that Malaysia Airlines landed in China safely is a big jerk! Don't start rumor mongering now.” The false rumors are not fair to the people who are truly concerned....

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