Fame And Addiction: Celebrity Narcissism, Culture, And Worship. *Two Page Essay For Grade 11 English Media Class*

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Media plays a big role in our everyday lives. There are televisions [as well as magazines, movies, ads, billboards, newspapers. etc.] everywhere and media regulates every action of the public through the use of these. The idea at play is that media enters our everyday lives of to the degrees of defying who we are, what we do, how we do it, who are heroes and role models are, etc. The focus of media shapes our routines and it regulates individuals' thoughts and opinions.Celebrity culture is apart of this in the way it catches our the interest and fascination of celebrities in their own lives. But what is a Celebrity? The Structural definition says that a Celebrity is a transaction of three elements: the Celebrity - the a complex construction involving the interaction between "the person" and a set of cultural intermediaries (including, but not limited to: agents, publicists, trainers, make-up artists, etc.), the Fans, and the Mass Media. The Cultural definition of a Celebrity says that its composed of three elements: a NAME, a FACE, and a CELEBRITY TEXT - those 3 to 10 factoids about the celebrity that "everyone" knows. A Celebrity is "known for being well-known" - Daniel Boorstin, The Image.Now we know that these celebrities can, at times act like complete jackasses, but is it because of us? We see celebrities everyday in magazines, television, movies, ads, billboards, or newspapers. We consume their lifestyles, their glamour. We follow the trends; we wear the clothes; we get the hairstyles.This is evident in all the shows, television networks and magazines dedicated to the lives of celebrities. Television shows like "A&E Biography", "Behind the Music", " Entertainment Tonight", and networks like the all-the-stars, all-the-time E! network, and People Magazine - all dedicated to giving celebrity news, Michael Jackson for Eg. Jackson is both a beneficiary and a victim of the celebrity culture that now profits from his latest scandal. But what about the celebrities themselves? Does the money, fame, and power go to there heads? One Eg. of fame going to there heads was reported in the British tabloid the London Sun that Avril demanded ten different types of orange juice and water stored at different temperatures for her appearance on Australian TV. She also asked for "a fruit tray with cheese (not just oranges and bananas . . . be creative please)." Hey, at least she said please.When people become popular there whole outlook on life changes, most go along with it, enjoying all the attention they get from media and fans. Others enjoy it so much they become narcissistic; having an excessive love or admiration of oneself. Celebrities have power and we want it so the constant source of admiration, adoration, approval,...

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