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Fame And Its Toll In Justin Bieber´S Downfall

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Justin Bieber, as you all know, started off as an International pop sensation. Unfortunately, everyones image changes...Some for better, some for the worst. He started out being very credible (which means to be able to be trusted) and loved by the Nation, then as the years went by and he aged, his credibility lowered and his fans lessened, last but not least, his credibility today is at the point it is at because of the choices he made.
Fame is something not known by most people. However, Justin Bieber was lucky enough to have been found for it. As most of you probably know, he started out as an internet sensation. It was just simply a video of him singing. But he was and still is indeed a ...view middle of the document...

The first incident that occurred was when his neighbors reported that he had been throwing eggs at their house. The police finally got a search warrant, and when they went to investigate they found that one of Justin’s house guests, MC Lil Za, had drugs in his possession. So he was not proven guilty for that incident (Wang). Shortly after, he was pulled over for speeding in Miami and failed a sobriety test. He went to jail for a short period of time because he obviously paid the bail. As a result of his actions he lost a lot of credulity and a lot of his fans which are known as his “beliebers” (Ibbotson).
Before the cheating scandal Justin Bieber was an influential male pop star. He was loved by people all over the World and was respected by many. He didn’t ever get into any trouble and made millions, went on tours, and just lived his life. Now, after the scandal he has lost tons of his beliebers and a lot of parents won’t allow their kids to listen to his music anymore because they think he is a bad influence. Which, by what he has done has proven itself to be true (Duke, Presto). Unfortunately, he tweeted about a month ago that he was officially retiring. That is ridiculous! He is only 20 years old. It is most likely because of the scandal. With him getting in trouble with the law and loosing so many fans he probably doesn’t see a point in sticking with his line of business. On the other hand, he could just be doing this so that way he can make a huge come back and win everyone back! We’ll have to watch and see how this one plays out (Duke).
As you can see Justin Bieber started out as an...

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