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Families Should Be Planned Essay

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Every family differ from each other, each family has its own unique ideas, rules, and beliefs. Families are important because they are the very first people that anyone would interact with and they would adapt any attitude from their family.Every person tends to have the same ideas and beliefs as their family does and people generally follow the same paths as their family does.

Parents are the base and the foundation of their family and the house. Both mother and father play the biggest role in the family since they are the role models for their children.The way that every person interact, response, and deal with situation can define how they were raised because people adapt their personality from their interaction with their parents.

Because of the importance of parents in family, they should be emotionally and physically for having this responsibility. Parents have to have enough money and financial so they could afford another human being, and they have to know enough information on how kids are and how to deal and raise them.If parents are struggling with having and raising children then they definitely have to see a family counselor and seek help.

Families play a big role in the society, this is why family should be planned. Raising children and giving them to the society is a big responsibility for each family; as John F. Kennedy says “We must do all that we can, to give our children the best in education and social upbringing - for while they are the youth of today, they shall be the leaders of tomorrow.”(1917-63) so each parent must show their children how to make the right decision, what is wrong and what is right, and what to do in specific situations in life in order to prepare them for the society and their future.

If families are not planned and the parents are not prepared to have a family then they will have difficulties such as abortion, divorce cases, single parenthood, and domestic violence. Studies show that there are couple of reasons that abortion occurs.21% of mothers say that they are unready to have responsibility, 21% can not afford a baby, 16% are concerned of how having a baby would change their lives, and 12% have issue within their relationship and they want to avoid single parenthood.

There are lots of argument about abortion and whether it is the right choice or not. Since the legalization of abortion, there were over 56 million unborn babies killed, that is more than the entire population of Spain, which makes 155 babies per hour and about 1 every 2.6 seconds. Some people disagree with abortion for many reasons such as: it compounds tragedy, takes innocent lives, violates civil rights, punishes innocent people, can harm women, damaging to relationships and families, creates new problems, and avoids responsibility.

On the other hand there are people that say abortion is a moral good. They think that abortion would get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. An unwanted pregnancy occurs when having baby would...

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