Families Today Are A Victim Of Work Overload

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Families today are tied to the financial commitments and choices they have made. Purchasing a house, fancy cars, and other luxuries have forced people to carry the burden of working harder than wanted just to pay the bills of their chosen lifestyle. People have the feeling of burden and frustration when it comes to workloads. In Andrew Curry’s essay “Why We Work” he relays in paragraph 4 that more women work today to afford the luxuries for their family. Americans are choosing to forfeit leisure for luxury; more so than back in the day before WWII. Families suffer because of the self-inflicted heavy workloads. Restructuring and layoffs are to blame for competition.
People don’t have to drive $80,000 cars and purchase a $500,000 home; nor do they have to keep with the Joneses. People today tend to live beyond their means and both parents have to work as a result. Curry continues to convey that technology has crossed over between home and work and that we handle work issues at home and home issues at work, all with the touch of a button. Maybe technology has distorted our lines between work and home but it is required to handle the workload we subject ourselves to; all at the expense of our families.
The economy is shaky enough; nobody wants to be seen as less devoted to their job at the risk of being let go or laid off. How then would the opulent materials be afforded? No job means a lower level of comfort for the people that choose this path so a heavier workload is accepted just to be seen as more productive and invincible; all at the touch of a button. Curry also writes that “A lot of people believe if they do work less they’ll be seen as less committed, and in a shaky economy no one wants that.” I personally can relate to this by cramming 12 hours into an 8 hour workday by streamlining efficiency. Falling into the category of the high energy worker who accomplishes a lot today really means that an employee is keeping their job and working ultra hard just to be seen and to exceed beyond the others to avoid being a victim of a restructure or worse, layoff.
People tend to accept more and more work to avoid the risk of being let go or being laid off. As a result of avoiding risk, the desire to satisfy a deeper need isn’t met (Curry). In today’s world, anything goes. Seeing a crib with a crying baby next to a desk of paperwork needing to get done isn’t unusual. Not all families live on farms and grow food, which is the essential underlying need to work. For a working mother to juggle a baby on one hip while reading an email and answering a cell phone isn’t unusual either; it is more common every day. Big...

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