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Family Essay

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Family is a group of people whom you spend most of your life with. Theysee how you act under pressure and how easily you become angered, yet loveeach other despite their faults. Family is a very important part of the way a childgrows, thinks, and behaves. One's family, especially the parents, contributes inshaping their attitudes and minds. Family also helps to distinguish thedifferences between right and wrong and gives guidance to their family in makingthe right decisions.Although this is the mere surface of family, most relationships within the family gomuch deeper. Family units learn to depend on each other, grow with each other,and share with each other to bring out the potential in everyone, so that it ispossible for them to fulfill their dreams. Family is so important because it is notonly one of the first means of socialization for a child but it stays with them untildeath. The bond within the family is incredible, in most cases, because theyencounter so many obstacles yet remain united. Family uses primarily threefactors when raising a child, which are physical, emotional and spiritual factors.Each of these factors plays a significant role in a child's life, preparing them forthe independent world, and also showing them that they are loved and important.When dealing with physical factors shaping a child, there are severalaspects that need to be taken into consideration. Abuse has severe negative effects on a child because that child may feel thatlove is shown through abuse and it would be very possible that they would eitherenter an abusive relationship or abuse others. Although abuse is wrong, discipline is needed to shape a child's behavior. Many people would debate whether or not spanking is appropriate or not, but to get a firm point across, spanking is necessary. If a child were doing something wrong that could cause danger on themselves, the quickest way to get the point across that it is wrong, is by a soft spank. Although a spank can be very effective, impulsive moves could cause one to hit, not spank, their child. Being impulsive is a bad idea, the best way to discipline a child is openly.Reassuring family and children of protection causes them to feel safe and comfortable in their home. Raising a family in a safe environment is very important in shaping a child's behavior. If...

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Family Essay

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