Family And Recreational Parks Essay

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" Mom, Why can't we spend time with each other any more?." " All you ever do is work, you have forgotten about our family," said Yvonne. Her mother replied, " Someone has to put food on the table, pay for the bills and this house." " I just do not have time to do every thing, I am only one person." Just as Yvonne's mom has no time to spend with her family because of her busy, daily schedule, a numerous amount of people have a similar dilemma. People no longer have the opportunity to go and spend time with their families because of work, school, their social life, and the stressful life of living in the city. As a consequence of these life tasks, family life is progressively deteriorating.Family life has extreme importance in a family, especially if that family is trying to build solid family values such as: being their for one another, spending time together, sharing memories, and talking about their problems with one another. Once the family life begins to become extinct, the goal of instituting these values takes on more of a challenge for the family. In the 20th century, families seem to already be facing this challenge because of the world they are living in. A world full of offices, malls, houses, pollution, chaos and every day stress, which does not give a family a variety of places where they can escape to spend some quality time together, share life long memories, make solid their family values and bring back their family life. There is a place, however, which allows a family to accomplish these goals, C.B. Smith Park. The park has spacious, green fields, which can be seen from miles away. The sun rises and sets its magnificent light on the hills of these fields. An ocean, blue lake surrounds the entire park mirroring the images of the luminous, light from the sun, white doves flying around in the lucid, blue sky, pink flamingos sprinting in the translucent water, and families gathering and sharing intimate moments. Its' soothing, peaceful, undisturbed atmosphere captures a person's mind to swift from every day distractions to a tranquil environment. Through these components C.B. Smith Park offers a family the opportunity to bring back their family life, which...

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This essay explains the benefits of recreation in society and on the body. It is in full MLA format alond with works cited page. It was a graduation requirement, so i put alot of time into it.

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1122 words - 5 pages till she had retired in 1988. Rosa Parks still had influence many people to be a better person and a citizen. She knew her rights as a citizen and showed everyone that they have the opportunity to change the way America was before. Rosa Parks made history same as the King. But he’s another person who did as well as Rosa Parks did. During the 1970’s, Rosa Parks and her family had suffer with illness and cancer. In 1977, her husband died with

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