Family As An Agent Essay

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Family as an Agent
Family, in terms of socialization has a stronger force as a primary agent.
This is the first social group that shapes the personality of an individual.
Due to the vastly different structures in family and child raising practices, there is no universal influence on the individual.
What values do families instill?
Values are instilled for children such as love, guidance, care, motivation, morals, religion, education, traditions, marriage, consequences, and communication. These values are intended to teach children and as a source of guidance for life. The way a child is raised and the values they are taught shapes their personality.
Why is School Important to Society?
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Politics: In itself politics, especially conservative politics reaffirms patriarchal values. For example conservative politics are primarily “pro-life”.
School: School reaffirms most of the same values such as “Respect” whether it is concerned with respect of other classmates or even of property. School also reaffirms many of the same values mentioned in Quayle’s text such as communication and responsibility.
What are some of the problems and issues facing this agent of socialization today?
Technology Advancements: More TVs in the home, iPods/iPad, and other technological entertainment advancements take away from family bonding time.
Average number of TVs in American home today with 3 or more TVs is 54% compared to 11% in 1975. This creates a very different family culture in which instead of all gathering around to watch one program, different members are in different rooms perhaps even watching the same program
Media Influence: In the book written by Dan Quayle he speaks about how a popular TV character Murphy Brown is reinforcing the idea of being a single mother and in his opinion downplaying the importance of a father figure.
Is the Family more or less influential than 100 years ago?
Throughout the last 100 years the importance and role of family life has dramatically changed.
The family has become less influential based on the following factors:
Peoples work lives are becoming more and more important. People spend the majority of their day in their place of work and often working overtime, family members arrive home late and do not...

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