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Family Before Law Essay

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Unsuspected murderers, gangbangers, abusers, and molesters dishonor their families by committing indescribable crimes, and typically, these families move in order to start a new life without prejudice. Instead of families relocating, however, families can kill the members in their family that disobeyed the law in order to regain respect. Going through the process of finding prosecutors, jury members, and paying for jail time before the trial, wastes taxpayer dollars. The government can literally not afford to spend these taxpayer dollars with a seventeen trillion dollar debt. Instead, let family members decide whether or not to carry out justice as they are victims of the crimes too. The ...view middle of the document...

It is not hard to convince ourselves that people and be evil, irrational, and immoral, those are bad apples that need disposed of. If someone deceives a person who is entrusted with their life they deserve to die. That is not honorable and disgraceful. People must take responsibility for their action no matter the punishment. If there is a punishment in play before a crime is made then they know the consequence. Dehumanizing humans makes the punish much easier to administrate. The constant moral failings are irrational behavior must be brought to our attention and resisted to save the honor of a family. Inappropriate behavior of relatives brings shame to everyone when most families have lived in the same village for multiple generations. In these neighborhoods everybody knows everybody and what they did. A last names means history; no one wants to be a historical reject with a dishonored name. Honor is everything and to protect it many will kill for it.
Interpretations of religious verses can vary from denomination to denomination, and the reality of it is that not everyone has to agree. After all, “Muslims aim to follow their Arab prophet in the way he dressed, kept his beard, ate, and dealt with his enemies towards the end of his life” (Oskar). Some of these decisions may seem radical to other...

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