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Family Business Essay

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“Where the heck am I?” I thought as I tried to jump out of the hospital bed.
My feet touched the floor and i heard multiple footsteps rushing towards the door to my hospital room. I inhaled sharply as three doctors walked in. One asked
“Yasmin how are you feeling?”
The other asked “Are you okay?”
The third one asked “How many fingers am I holding up?”
I took a deep breath before answering these strange doctors.
“I feel fine” I answered the first doctor
“Yea I’m okay at least I think I am” was the answer to the second
“You’re not holding any fingers up” I answered the third doctor.
All the doctors exhaled with obvious relief.
“Does someone want to tell me why I’m in a hospital bed?” I asked ...view middle of the document...

” he replied sadly.
“Do you need anything? Food? Water?”
“Any questions?” He questioned.
I silently shook my head no; the truth was I did want something. I wanted time to lapse or to undo itself. Most of all I wanted my mom back. It wasn’t long before I had an idea mastered out. I was going to wait for nightfall then I would act. My masterminded plan was that I was going to wait till I was all alone and I was going to tie all my sheets together and make an escape through my window. Throughout the day, nurses and doctors showed up to bring me food, water, and things to do. I waited and waited till finally the clock struck 8 o clock.
“I thought they were going to spend the night” I thought hastily.
I quickly went to work. I tied all my of sheets together and threw the sheet-ladder out the open window
“Thank gods I’m only on the second floor” I thought excitedly.
After scaling down to the first floor I took off. I ran like a mad woman around the streets trying to navigate the way to my house. Finally I remembered the address 3671 East Curtis Dr. the streets felt like a jungle.
“Well now I know how Perseus felt in that maze” I muttered to the wind
It wasn’t long before I arrived in front of my house. It seemed lonely and scary at the same time. An cold blast of air greeted me as I silently stepped across the threshold.
“Mom I’m home” I crazily shouted to the emptiness of the house.
I ran up stairs into my room. I slammed the door shut and turned around……..
Then everything was black.
“I really need to stop blacking out its so annoying”...

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