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Julie was an Amish girl who hated the way she lived. Julie wanted to be different then everyone else and wanted to have her own style. She loathed the traditional clothing she had to wear. The ankle long skirts were dreadfully ugly and she even had to wear them during the summertime when the temperature was at its hottest. Julie had gotten into many arguments with her family because she did not want to be Amish anymore. She wanted to be her own person and explore the world outside of her little community, where teenagers her age where allowed to have cellphones, dress as they wanted, and listen to any type of music without getting in trouble. One day Julie made the drastic decision to leave her family and friends behind in that little Amish community. Julie never looked back instead, she lives on her own in a big city in New York. Julie loves it, but now that she made her choice of leaving she will never get to see her family and friends again because she was banned from ever coming back. She now begins to wonder if she made the right decision to leave everything she knew behind because of one argument to prove herself right. Many families today have conflicts between music, clothing, and religion.
One conflict families argue over is music. Different people have different music taste and not everyone agrees with what others listen to. Breanna likes to listen to artist such as One Direction, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus. Breanna’s parents like to listen to country artist such as Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean. There is much controversy over which music station to listen to during a long drive. All the time Breanna’s parents win and listen to country stations. Every time Bre’s family takes a trip she is prepared to bring headphones, so she would not have to listen to awful music for hours. Many teenagers face the challenges with being different from their family members.
Clothing is another difference between families that can stir up a conflict. As kids get older and become teenagers they become more independent and drift to finding their own style. Since teenagers want to be independent they start to pick out their own clothes instead of letting mom and dad do it like they did when they were five. Some of the clothes teens pick out are not what the parents want them to wear. This begins a fight. A girl will be in a hurry to go to her first party as a freshman, and throw on a pair of ripped jeans and a crop top. She rushes down the stairs, reaches for the door handle and she is just about to taste freedom when her dad stops her...

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