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Family Disintegration In Halfway House And Vultures

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Within the tradition of Hindi drama the play “Halfway –House” has enjoyed a canonical status .Recipient of umpteen awards ,many critics and theatre persons have seen this as most complete play .An incisive analysis of man-woman relationship ,the play has also been seen to possess a scathing critique of the unfulfilling ,incomplete nature of bourgeois existence. However when we position ourselves at the end of the century and look again at the play, the approbation gets considerably muted .If there are quasi-absurdist attempts at one end of the spectrum, political despondence responding to the contemporary state manifests itself as a dominant theme at the other end .Given the contemporary ...view middle of the document...

Even at the personal, existential level its characters are in cul-de-sac and the final message of the play can be one of the replicating neo-modernist endorsements of existent structures. Further the themes and tropes of the play place it in Universalist idiom. It seeks to say that what it says is true for all time and everywhere .the problems at level of gender and class thus multiply .of the lower/working clad doesn’t fit into it problematic at all its attitude towards women is also to say the least ,curious .all the characters are incomplete and caught in their respective predicaments ;but the women are more incomplete than men .moreover the women characters lack depth and roundness ,are cardboards cu-out ;even their rebellions and defiance’s are rather predictable. The ambiguity is obvious: on the one hand the diagnostic impulse lays bare the class it deals with, but on the other play surely and irrevocably moves us to a re-endorsement of status quo .In its critique of bourgeois decadence the play, avoiding any kind of radicalism, casts a vote in the favour of the same bourgeois decadence.
The concept of this character playing five roles is interesting but the moot idea already points to the Universalist idea of the play .the five men transverse many aspects of middle class existence.”The man in a black suit “is the spokes person who defines the parameters within which the play functions. The first is the “beleaguered husband “, the second “the boss “,the third “the rich lover “ and the fourth “the voice of sense “.By asserting...

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