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Family Dysfunction Truth Or Fiction Essay

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Dysfunctional Families: Myth Fact or Somewhere in Between? A dysfunctional family does not mean the family always is one way or the other. Normal, healthy families have problems just as dysfunctional families have. Each family deals with their problems in different ways; the healthy family tends to be able to not only deal with the situation, but be flexible enough to get over it and move on. Dysfunctional families are the kind who run away, or hide their problems, which is called the height of rigidity.During these times of crisis and hurt the family is ignoring the problem so badly that they go into a "group think." This is a group of characteristics that each family member has that is the same so they all think alike. Some of the thinking processes are when the family shuts out outside factors from their lives. Also, they demand that each family member is loyal so they have to know everything that goes on in that family. These families really tend to take the other members and make them victims of the family crisis itself. This results in the family having unresolved issues and continues the family dysfunction and hardship.What doctors are trying to do is help these people get through their problems by giving them ways to cope with their family. They really want to be helped, but they don't always know how to cope with what is going on in their life. Coping with situation such as family problems can be a very difficult process. Doctors do not find too many patients that are hoping for a crisis in family matters. The reason why families have problems adjusting to their situations is that every individual is different and we all have to adjust with others to have a healthy...

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