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We were at our holiday house in Phillip Island on Woolami, we had just bought it and we were all having a great time. My brother and I spent most of our time on the beach body boarding and getting sun burnt, my brother enjoys the beach a lot more than me, body boarding loses its appeal to me after I have been dunked a few times, also the water around Woolami beach is very cold. My mum spent most of her time sun baking on the beach and occasionally going swimming or body boarding. When mum is body boarding you can always hear where she is by listening for a scream as she catches a wave. My dad has been fixing up the house and adding improvements, either fixing the leaks in the roof or ...view middle of the document...

I was the first to use the ball, as I ran in I thought, "This ones going to scare the life out of him". As I let go of the ball I thought "Oh shi?damn", I just remembered the window. Sure enough, SMASH, my brother was showered in broken glass and we started desperately thinking of excuses. My brother had a good one, "It was him", it did us no good. My dad did not look angry, he did not yell, but calmly said, "I warned you, now you can both pay for it". My brother was not happy because it was me that bowled the ball, but there was no escape for him either. It was a waste of pocket money, after that we moved the wickets to the other end of the yard.Apart from the broken window the holiday had been great. It was now the day to leave, my mum had washed the car and it was in the backyard. I was playing cricket when my dad asked me if I wanted to reverse the car to the side door, when my dad asks you if you want to do something you don?t want to say no, it's not like he will punish you, it's just that you don?t want to let him down, so I said I would.My first time driving the car. I was terrified. I needed to reverse the car around the corner of the house and stop alongside the side door, not all that hard?. Apparently. I got into the car, my dad in the passengers seat, dad told me what pedals were the accelerator, brake, and clutch, I was too nervous to be concentrating properly, my mum and my brother were watching, grinning, this did not help. I started the car up and slowly began reversing towards the corner of the house as I began turning around the corner of the house I realised I was too close and put my foot on the brake, or what I thought was the brake, it turned out...

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