Family Health Nursing Case Study

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Over the past two decades nurses have become more aware of the need to include families in nursing care. Family nursing practice is holistic with a goal of creating partnerships between families and nurses so mutual trust, communication and cooperation develops enabling the health care needs of the family to be met (Kaakinen, 2014). A family is viewed as a system where each member is expected to respond according to their role, and changes in the dynamics of the system causes a change in the equilibrium. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the application of family health nursing theory to practice through a case study. The Perez family’s culture and environmental factors as they impact the family’s health will be discussed. Using the Calgary Family Assessment Model, the Perez family will be examined for their structure, development and function. Subsequently, Neuman’s System Model will guide the systematic family assessment, planning and selection of appropriate interventions for improving the health of the Perez family who has a child living a chronic health condition.

Culture and Environment
The Hispanic population is the nation’s largest and fastest growing minority group, currently making up about fifteen percent of the U.S. population. This figure is expected to increase to twenty nine percent by 2050 (Livingston, Minushkin, & Cohn, 2008). The growth of the Hispanic population creates a challenge for improving health interventions and reducing medical care disparities. Because of the increase in Spanish-speaking families using health care facilities in the United States, nurses need to acknowledge culturally related practices and beliefs in order to effectively work with Hispanic families (Wilson & Robledo, 1999). It is crucial to comprehend a family’s background from their point of view in order to build trust and develop a rapport needed to assess, support and council families of other cultures.
Regarding the cultural and environmental background of the Perez family, they are a lower middle-class Hispanic family composed of two parents with three children living together in a rural community in the United States. Due to acculturation of the Perez family, an assumption has been made that language is not a barrier for this family, but Spanish is probably spoken in the home. Ninety five percent of Hispanic people are Catholic and believe that health is protected by prayer and maintained by a universal balance that is the result of eating proper foods and working the proper amount of time. Illness is viewed as an imbalance in the body or the result of doing something wrong (Spector, 2008). Most Hispanics say that sick people should seek care only from medical professionals. Only six percent say they would obtain care from a curandero, shaman or someone with special powers to restore health to the sick (Livingston et al., 2008). Traditional Hispanic-Americans value the significance of family, male leadership,...

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