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“Please pardon our absence Henry and Clara.Our buggy’s wheel popped off,” I said smoothing out the folds in my dress. “Oh it’s quite alright,” Henry said waving off my comment. “What A lovely dress you have Mary,” Clara said goggling my finery. “Thank You Clara,” I said curtly. “Shall we sit down my dear?” My husband asked gesturing to our seats. “ Yes of course,” I said fingering the fine red material on the back of the chair. I neatly arranged my dress so it wouldn’t wrinkle, sat straight up, and and folded my hands in front of me. Actors rushed across the stage to begin the quirky tale.Smiling I turned to my husband and asked “What was the name of this exquisite play?” It’s called “Our ...view middle of the document...

I’ve lost my husband but america has lost it’s president, abraham Lincoln. Are you related to someone special like a president, inventor, king, or artist?
Andrew David Moore is my adopted Father making Kathy Ann Ramsier and Paul Allen Moore my Grandparents. Kathy is very tan, has short gray spiked up hair,and is very religious. She babysits my family and loves to bake. When Andrew was 17, almost 18 when Paul and Kathy got divorced. Later on she married Kevin a bald, tan, funny, nice, and religious guy. I have never meet paul so I don’t know anything about him. David Osborn Moore and Mildred Arlene Franks are my great grand parents on paul’s side. Mildred died two years ago so David lives by his self in his house just down the road. He has a little bit of white hair and a barn full of cats. For fun he plays word crosses, sudoku, and watch tv. His dad is Ernest O. Moore and his mother is Alta Hasting. This makes them my great great grandparents. Alta is related to the Williston's who are related to the Brown’s who are related to Abraham Lincoln. Kathy’s parents are James Andrew Ramsier and Dorothy Ann Batley. They also are very tan. Great Grandma likes to bake and work in the garden. Great Grandpa is funny in a old person way. James Parents are Benjamin Franklin Ramsier and Elizabeth Bachman. Benjamin's parents are John Ramsier and Mary Elizabeth Blatter. Dorothy, James wife’s parents are Georgia Fezzler and William Batley. Georgia's parents are Harry Fezzler and Georgia Casky. Georgia parents are Harry Fezzler and Nina Georgia Casky.
Angela Marie Cornelius, my adopted mom’s parents are Allen cornelius and Sally Jo Rock. They have currently moved out of their mobile home. Gary’s parents are Kyle landis Cornelius and Dorothy Marcella DeCarol. Harold Floyd Cornelius and Ellen are my Great Grandparents. Dorth, Gary’s mom’s parents are Clara Helen Massoni and Nicholas DeCarol. Clara’s parents are Rosa Graser and Joseph Massoni. Sally's parents are Charles Edward Rock and Mary Louis Hoover. Charles parents are John L. Rock and Myrtle Ivy Miller. Mary’s parents are Crinley Edmund Hoover and Lily Ann Jone.
robert Lewis Baker, my dad’s parents are Kenneth Dale Baker and Charlene Livingston. I don’t really know them because they died when I was little but I do know that they were really...

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