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Thinking about the past and how it influenced who I became brings forth a lot of memories from the long halls in my mind. My family has had the greatest influence on all of who I am. My father raised three girls with what he calls the Shelley strength, my mother never finished school and I have always had this innate desire to learn new things. Family means the world to me; must be why I am still close to mine as well as my in-laws.
Every family has a black sheep in it, well my father always considered himself his family's black sheep. My father raised my sisters and I to be strong, independent women; he calls it the Shelley strength. This strength is what I used to stay strong through all ...view middle of the document...

I love learning, especially skills and knowledge that will help me in my own future. My education means the world to me. If I ever won the lottery, I would use my winnings to pay for school.
With strong educational goals leading my life and the Shelley strength inside me, as well as an innate desire to learn new skills and gain knowledge I am a very ambitious, stubborn and independent woman. I strive for many things in my future, attaining multiple degrees being one among many goals. I have always wanted more than one degree, ranging anywhere from law, psychology or medical field related. My father called me “mouth” when I was a child, told me I always had to have the last word. Always thought that would be a great quality for a law related career. I was also always giving unsolicited advice, which would be great if I went into a psychology field. However, becoming a mother has made me more concerned for the well being of others, especially children. That is why I want to enter into the medical field. As a CNA I already have medical field experience and work with clients on a daily...

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