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For my Second Quarter book report I chose a series by Jen Calonita. Belles is a trilogy about a southern girl named Isabelle Scott. Her mother died when she was only six years old and because no other family members were known about at the time she lived with her grandmother in Harborside. Ten summers later, her grandmother’s health began to fail. To get away from the stress of her home life Izzie would go to the beach with her friend Kylie Brooks where she meets a cute surfer named Brayden Townsend.
Her grandmother and her social worker, Barbara, had been working on finding Izzie’s father, Bill Monroe. Without warning one day after swim practice Izzie is sent to live with her “Uncle Bill” ...view middle of the document...

Iz turned away to leave and she bumps into Brayden, the hot surfer dude she met over the summer. She was so excited that she finally knew someone but, unfortunately, she is wrong. He blows her off and sits next to his girlfriend, the queen bee that just told Izzie to get lost. She goes through the rest of her day in a blur until she gets home and just starts bawling locked up in her room.
Maureen feels that Isabelle would feel more at home if she got involved with extra-curricular activities. Since she is an amazing swimmer and was on her old high school swim team, she joins the team at E.P. and believes that she might have a chance to fit in. Then she meets the team captain and all around number one swimmer, Savannah, who already hates her so this just gives her even more reason to hate Iz. At their first practice Izzie becomes the fastest swimmer on the team and Savannah loathes this. Another way that she tries to fit in is through the Social Butterflies, a club that focuses on service and ways to give back to the community. Mira is in this club as well and doesn’t want Iz to like it so she tells her that her Uncle is planning on tearing down her old community center back in Harborside; she flips out.
In order to help save her community center Izzie sets up a hoedown to raise money through the Butterflies. Now the other girls in the club, including Mira, have no clue as to what on Earth a hoedown is. It takes Iz half an hour to convince the other girls that a dance in a barn won’t be so bad. Since it was her idea Izzie is put in charge of finding supporters and caterers, including a building to have it in. Mira gives her a list of their past sponsors so she tries those first. Everyone she goes to turns her down. She gets to the last business on the list and is just about to give up when Brayden shows up. He asks her what all she has been up to and apologizes for being a complete jerk to her. Izzie doesn’t forgive him very easily but at least it is a start. Brayden takes the list from her and walks into the previous store that Iz just came from. He is a miracle worker because he finds out that Savannah told all of the owners to not help Izzie and to turn her away. Iz tries to ask Mira if she had anything to do with it but she won’t talk. She gets all the sponsors she needs and locates a barn out behind the school to host it in. While they decorate the barn and prepare all the food Izzie’s Uncle is getting a nasty surprise.
The press is hounding Senator Monroe about the latest scandal. Bill Monroe told the world that Isabelle Scott was his niece when in all reality, she was his daughter. He had not only lied to the world, he had lied to Izzie. Bill doesn’t want Izzie finding out just yet so he tells his children about it hoping they’ll help him keep this secret from Iz. They all three hate what their father has done. Hayden is so outraged by what has happened that he no longer speaks to either of his parents. Connor is too young to...

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