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Catcher in the Rye is a novel written by J.D. Sallenger and he describes the protagonist, Holden Caulfield as a teenage boy, who is lost and struggling hard in his adolescence. Holden is not an enthusiastic or passionate character; he does not have any kind of willingness to change his situation, but tend to blame the society and other people for his own problems and issues. In fact, most part of the book is about Holden hating, judging, and blaming the society and others and perhaps, he does not know how to deal with his issues on his own. It is difficult to find something or someone who can actually satisfy him, but there is one thing he mentions multiple times that makes him truly happy ...view middle of the document...

Also, there is a part where Holden’s mother buys him the wrong kind of skates and it shows that his mom and he aren’t communicating; “She bought me the wrong kind of skates—I wanted racing skates and she bought hockey—but it made me sad anyways” (52). Parents are supposed to do their job of guiding and encouraging their child to take a good decisions in their life, but Holden’s parents are not doing the job well and perhaps, that is why Holden is so lost in his life and does not know who to rely on when he needs help with his issues. The role of parents is needed in Holden’s life and the love and warmth of his parents will make him feel secure about the fact that they are always protecting him no matter what. When Holden starts to feel safe and comfortable with his parents, he will eventually accept to make his relationship with them better and truly identify himself as a member of the family. And further more, Holden’s identification as a member of the family will be a strong foundation for him to find his other identity in the society.

Perhaps, Holden’s poor relationship with his family was predictable; the absence of a family in Holden’s life has started naturally and it leads him to wander in his life. Holden always attends to schools with residence and therefore he never gets any opportunities to spend his adolescence with his family. In the book, Holden talks a lot about his life at different schools such as Elkon Hills and Pencey Prep and both of them are schools with residence; “For a while when I was at Elkon hills, I roomed with this boy, Dick Slogle, that had these very inexpensive suit-cases” (108), and “Where I lived at Pencey, I lived in the Ossenburger Memorial Wing of the new dorms” (16). These quotes reveal that Holden spends his teenage years at different schools without his family around. Also, Holden mentions if his father finds out that he is no longer attending Pencey Prep, his father will send him to a military school, which separates him from his family again; “The worst he’ll do, he’ll give me hell again, and then he’ll send me to that goddamn military school” (166). Holden keeps on getting separated from his family and it affects his life negatively. Holden needs to be around his family and grow up physically and mentally with them. If he spends more time with his family, he would not be so lost in his life, but be more stable in the boundaries of his family.

Holden’s relationship with his siblings have great impacts on him in both negative and positive ways. Holden has an older brother, D.B, younger brother, Allie, and a younger sister, Phoebe and unlike his relationship with his parents, he shares a fairly close bond with all of them. Whenever Holden talks...

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