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Family Is Most Important Essay

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Family in society holds great importance in our lives. Considered as a foundation in society, it is what forges a community together. Family is the utmost important thing in everybody’s lives. I’m not only talking about biological family but also close friends who we call brothers and sisters. Family to me is a powerful word that enables us to bring each other together. When the word family comes up, the first thing that comes into mind is my mother, father, brother, and my grandmother. Ever since I was an infant my family has been there, when I was conceived, families from all over the world traveled to the United States to see me.
My family are the ones that no doubt would be by my side no matter what happens. Although we go through thick and thin, our relationship as a family is the strongest. Everybody in my family; are hard workers, they strive for the better; paving the path for future generations including me. The two foundations of that family is my mom, and my dad. They are the ones that provide for me, send me to school, make sure there’s a roof over my head, and providing food on the table. They go above and beyond what they have in order to appease me and to make sure I get the best of everything in life.
Being the oldest child in my family has its perks and its flaws. By flaws I mean, being the guinea pig to anything new, like applying for financial aid, college, and much more. I always envy my brother’s future, because when he reaches my age he will be able to have help with whatever I didn’t get help with or simply know what and where to stay away. To be honest, theres is more perks than flaws of being the oldest. Perks include being able to do what my brother couldn't do like staying out late with friends, and my parents cut me slacks when it comes to school. Being the oldest and first generation in the family actually gives me a sense of purpose, like my family is depending on me in the future to become successful and pass down my family’s name on to my children’s.
Aside from my mother, theres my grandma which took the role as a second mother in my life. She made an impact in my life and without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. In my family, the strongest person mentally would be my grandmother. She may be old but her brain functions like a twenty year old’s. To me she will forever be my role model besides my mom and dad. When my parents didn’t have spending money for me, she came to save the day and sometimes even gave me more than I needed. My grandmother is someone I would call my mentor and a friend that will always be by my side watching over my back. Both my mom and dad weren’t really there my I was a kid due to work schedules that prevented them from spending time with me.
Along with all the fun and laughs we share, we also went through tough times like when our once happy family became separated. There is a quote Leo Tolstoy said, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in...

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