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Family Is Where The Heart Is

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Rebecca's step-mom walked into the room where she found Rebecca intensely analyzing her old, worn photo albums yet again. She felt a moment of hesitation, but then decided to ask, "Are you all ready to leave honey? The reservation is for 7:00… and that's in 15 minutes. We better go ahead and get going if we want to make it there in time."
Rebecca looked up as if she was caught by surprise. She got along pretty well with her, besides that she was always so concerned about every single thing that there was to worry about. Rebecca was more of the go with the flow sort of girl. After a few moments of silent eye contact, she answered, "Sure” and closed the books. "I'll be down in a few." Her step-mother gave her a soft smile and left the room without another word.
That was the evening of Rebecca's sixteenth birthday and she was going out to a nice dinner with her family at a nearby steak house called, Al's. Her family had a tradition of eating there for her birthday every year. She grabbed her purse and began to head down the stairs to the living room where her family waited. As she was making her way out of her bedroom, she caught a slight glimpse of herself in the mirror.
On her way down the stairs, Rebecca couldn't help herself from thinking about how closely she resembled her mother. They both had the same mischievous, bright blue eyes, oval-shaped face and a kind smile with full lips.
"Oh look how absolutely gorgeous you are!"
Rebecca laughed quietly to herself as she felt her cheeks redden. She was wearing the black dress that her father had gotten for her and left hanging in her bedroom that morning. "Why, thank you kind sir!" She giggled and then continued walking to the door to hug him close. "Thank you, Dad," she whispered with a sincere smile on her face.
"Hold on! Let me get a picture of you two! This is way too adorable!" Rebecca’s step mom exclaimed.
Rebecca let go of her dad and stood beside him for the picture. She smiled absent-mindedly and looked up at the camera that her step-mom held, for she had many other things on her mind at that moment.
She had been thinking about her biological mother a lot recently. She only had one picture and didn't really know too much about her. When Rebecca was much younger, she would just make up stories about her real mom. She would tell herself that her mom was the queen of a faraway land, where nobody knew her because she was so busy. Now that she wasn't a young child anymore, she had better reasoning and realized that there was no possible way that could have been remotely true. She longed to know what her mom was like. She wanted to see her face, know about her childhood, and know about her now... Did she have a new family? Where did she work? she wondered to herself.
"Alright, let's go kiddo," her dad said with a curious expression on his face as he watched her standing still and gazing off into nowhere. He followed her and locked the front door of the house on his way out. Rebecca's...

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