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Family Matters Essay

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Family, a close weaved group of people inseparable because of links of shared history, love, caring, and understanding which links them to one another and ignites a since of belonging and togetherness. Members of a family are like the patches of a patchwork quilt. Like the patches of the quilt, family members are of different sizes, shapes, and colors but although different they all play a part in creating a masterpiece which bond is only as strong as the weakest link. It’s these differences in sizes, shapes, and colors which makes patchwork quilt so unique and amazing to the public today. Family works the same way you have different types of people with completely different mindsets, hobbies, and careers but family is special. Family has a linkage between them, a certain bond that may not be visible by eye but the bond is so strong that no matter what happens or how far apart they are, they will always be linked back to the other members of the ...view middle of the document...

As a pet owner for several years I know that pets possess loyalty, eagerness to help, dependability, and other traits which would be found to be favorable in a family member or even a best friend. And under the definition of law the role of being a family member and best friend become one and the same. In 1934, Sociologist Ogburn and Tibbits outlined six primary functions for family. Pets serve three out of those six functions: 1). Socialization, as a pet owner he/she is responsible for training the pet acceptable behavior, verbal and nonverbal commands, and what is expected of them much like a parent and a child. 2). Protection, since the beginning of time pets have been used as form of protection, from the war elephants of ancient India to the everyday police dog working the crime filled streets every day. 3). Affection and companionship, pets are natural borne companions and by definition pets are defined as animal companions for humans. They are also associated with being very affectionate and loving. As you can see through the use of the law substantive definition of family and meeting half of the primary functions of family proves why pets very well can be considered family.
When it comes to family I have a functionalist view based on their definition of family which states “A family is what a family does.” This means that by functionalist definition the people you consider family are those who are capable of providing adequate support in times of need. These are the people I consider family. My family consists of a group of dependable beings which I can look to support me in any way that they are capable of doing so. The people I look to as family meet these requirements excessively including my eight year old bull terrier which I raised from a pup. Through my reading in this course I have found reasonable and logical evidence to support my claim of pets as family. As for the questions I asked earlier at the end of the introduction the answer has become apparent. Pets are capable of being family by meeting the primary functions outlined by Sociologist Ogburn and Tibbits in 1934. Although family has numerous definitions, the belief that pets are family supports the law, substantive definition of family as well as the functionalist view of family.

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