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Family Mentor Essay

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She may not seem like much of a mentor, she’s short for her age and sometimes not the brightest. Between her blue eyes, tattoos, and bubbly personality she is someone who I looked up to. My sister, Erin, though we weren’t around each other once I moved to Lebanon, when we did see each other I looked up to her. The few times we spent time together or she helped me made an impact on my life.
We are complete opposite, from different hair colors, to different sports we did in high school. Her being four years older than me we were never close to the same grade, by the time I was in high school she was starting her first year in college. The first in my family to go, it makes me proud, that pushes me to be better and go to college to do what I want. Seeing her move away from home and be on her own was weird, I saw her even less. We were still in contact though, if I needed help on something I could ...view middle of the document...

My cousin and I would chase my sister through the house with a fake fox because she was and actually still is, scared to death of it. Sometimes we would run to her room open the door and she would chase us through the house. By middle school and being away from each other we grew out of that stage. One day we went out to dinner together at Pizza Hut, we talked about boys, especially because she liked a boys she worked with at Pizza Hut and that’s why she wanted to go there. She was constantly looking at him and whipping her face so she would look good. I still remember in middle school she picked me up when one of my boyfriends broke up with me and I thought I was heart broken and was walking home. She drove me home and somewhere between her and her dog I was cheered up.
Then came high school, where she helped me out more than I think she will ever know. Since she went to Western Boone Junior High School, things were going to be way different here at Lebanon. It was hard my first year, but I remember her telling me to do good my freshmen year because colleges look at it and she wished she’d done better. Sophomore year she helped me get my first job. She had worked at Pizza Hut for most of her high school career and with her at college she knew they needed more workers. With a good word put in I was working there in no time. While I no longer have the job the fact that she helped me get my first job is the best thing I could ever ask for. Being able to visit her while she’s at college was fun too! Though I never stayed with her in her apartment dorm she lived at first, just going to visit and seeing a campus was a good experience. I actually applied to USI (University of Southern Indiana) and got accepts, (I’m going to Ball State University though).
Seeing how well she’s done in her life inspires me to do the same. She keeps her head up and moves on. No matter how different we are I think I will always see her as my big sister that I love very much. I don’t know where I’d be without her guidance. The few times we spent time together or she helped me made an impact on my life.

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