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Family Nursing Essay

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Family Health NursingFamilies come in all shapes and sizes. What do they have in common? Families are a group of two or more people that rely on one another for financial, emotional, and physical support. The dynamics in families may vary, but the basics are the same. The family is where individuals learn to be responsible, to put away toys, clean up messes, learn manners, and express love. Family is where people learn the lessons of life.Family is one's personal history and significance. It is not only a place to go home to, it's a place to come from, out into the world. From the first day of school to the first job, the family is the group that says "go for it, you can do it!" Family is where a person is believed in, nurtured, and scolded all towards making him the best possible people he can be. It's the job of the family to turn out contributing human beings.There have been changes within American families that are striking at the heart of society's notions about life and the way it should function. Such things as longer life spans, the advent of safe and effective birth control, women's participation in the labor force, and a dramatic increase in divorce rates are reshaping family life in modern society. The realities of family life are in sharp contrast with idealized notions of the family that have developed since ancient times. Ozzie and Harriet are quickly becoming extinct. Today, there are many variations in the traditional American family. Below are examples of how American families have departed from tradition: Nuclear dyad: Married couple, no children Nuclear: Husband, wife, children (may or may not be legally married) Binuclear: Two post-divorce families with children as members of both Extended: Nuclear family plus blood relatives Blended: Husband, wife, and children of previous relationships Single parent: One parent and child(ren)(Hanson, S. M. H., (Ed.), 2000, p 29).Family health nursing is a challenging specialty because of the vast differences in the families seen in health care today. Any "dysfunction", separation, disease, or injury, within the family that affects one or more family members probably will affect other family members and the family as a whole. The wellness of the family is also dependent on the role of the family members in every aspect of health care, from prevention to rehabilitation. The level of wellness of the whole family can be raised through care that...

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