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Jake hated to admit it but he was actually a bit nervous about finally meeting his somewhat sister. When he received the text from Puck asking if he wanted to meet her he was filled with some kind of warm, exciting anxiety that was foreign to him. The thought of having another person that he could consider family was really overwhelming for him. What is she going to think of me? What if she ask questions that are hard to explain? I’m not like her other family. His mind was filling with scenarios of a moment that he shouldn’t be the slightest bit worried about.
His brother was due to arrive soon so Jake checked over his things. The pizza and snacks that Puck had advised him to get were sitting on the counter and he had prepared himself for pointless discussions about 4th grade boys and . Everything seemed to be in order so at least some of his nervousness dissipated. The expected light knocking noise finally arrived.
Jake took a deep breath before opening the door to make sure he wasn’t uncomfortably awkward. He was greeted by two small arms wrapping around him almost resulting in him toppling over. “Hi! So you’re my new brother?” She said excitedly. He looked up and gave Noah a thankful nod as he drove away. “Um, yeah I guess so? I wouldn’t say new but yeah. I’m Jake and you are?” He asked with a warm smile, walking the girl inside. “Hi Jake. I’m Sarah so what are we going to do today?”
He walked over to the kitchen and grabbed the supplies he had gotten for the occasion. Jake sat the pizzas down and handed her a plate. “I was thinking we could eat unhealthy amounts of junk food and watch this Frozen movie. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal.” He said holding up the dvd and rolling his eyes. Sarah grabbed a slice out of the box and nodded to him with approval, giving him two thumbs up on his great plan. Jake laughed at himself for getting so nervous about meeting his little sister for the first time. Like Puck had told him, she’s just a kid, all she wants to do is eat and talk about her friends. Jake popped the the movie into the player and returned to his seat on the floor. He was greeted by Roger, his cat who was sprawled out on the floor next to Sarah. “I think he likes me. What’s his name?” She asked, scratching behind the cat’s ears. Jake laughed at the expression that was plastered on the feline’s face. “His name is Roger. As you can see he’s extremely overweight and lazy but he loves pretty much everyone.”
He turned on the movie and prepared himself for the torture of a Disney musical. He was mostly focused on the pizza laid out in...

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