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Family structures and rolesWe use the word role today meaning a function or part played in life. As a member of a family or a work situation the roles we have in life depend on the situation we are in at the time. I myself am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a care assistant, a student and a friend. As you can see I have many different roles in my everyday living. The main role in my life will be the role within my family unit. This project will look at the roles of members in a family unit and how this has changed over the last 25-50 years.Nuclear familyThe roles within the nuclear family used to be the father being the main provider and working long hours to support his family and the mother looked after the children and the home. Because men were the ones with the money they took charge inside the family. This was considered the norm but over time changes came about when the wife began to reject the housewife role and demanded a greater say in decision making in the home. They wanted to be considered equal to their husbands. Women began insisting men carried out tasks around the home. This lead to husbands spending leisure time with family instead of spending time with his male companions down the pub after work, it resulted in close emotional bonds with his wife and children, he began to help with household tasks and childcare.With the introduction of the contraceptive pill in the 1960's women were able to limit the number of children they had and gave them the freedom to obtain paid employment. A marriage now became a partnership with the husband and wife now sharing the routine of everyday life. Attitudes changed in society, it was now considered normal for husbands and wives to both work and share household tasks and childcare.In today's society it is not unusual for the wife to be the main provider and the husband stay at home to keep house and look after the children. The term househusband is now well known.There are three different roles:Joint roles; where couples work together in the house or garden.Complementary roles: where couples helped one another such as one may paint the other may paper.Segregated roles; where couples have separate jobs to do, e.g. the wife does the ironing the husband mows the lawn.Extended familyThe role of members in the extended family did not vary greatly from those of the nuclear family. The daughter settled in close proximity to her mother and they saw each other on a daily basis. This gave the grandmother the opportunity of a supporting role in the upbringing and education of the child(ren). They were also if able to give financial support. The extended family members usually took on the role of caring for an elderly parent.A person is now expected to live well into their 70th or 80th year, this means there has been a huge growth in the number of three-generation families.Nursing homes and residential homes are now on the increase in today's society and the role of looking after a parent in their old age...

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