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Family Structures Are Changing The Face Of America

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As time had progressed the definition of a family has changed drastically. What one would have considered a family in early centuries has truthfully changed from what one would consider a family in today’s society. During earlier centuries a family consisted of a father, mother and their children; however that is no longer the case for most families in American society today. In American society families are defined in many different facets such as the traditional family, blended families, single parent homes and homosexual families. Regardless of the components of the family, one must understand that a family is a unit in which there is an adult providing the basic needs and wants of the ...view middle of the document...

Also if a child is raised in a traditional household then one is more than likely going to pursue the same living conditions when the grow up. Although the traditional way of living has in American society is no longer the only excepted family practice. Now is American society the idea of a single parent home is accepted among many.
When one takes a look at the world we live in one begins to notice that American society is filled with broken family structures. These broken family structures are known as nontraditional families in the American society. The idea of a nontraditional family is comprised in many different forms and the first is the concept of single parent family. Compared to earlier years single parent families were few are far between because of the culture American society believed in. However, as time has progressed the practice of the single parent living has become more and more popular. Children are continuously being raised in single parent homes do to many different reasons. When a family is a single parent household the stress of life ways heavily on the children because children who live in a single family household usually suffer from a lack of economic stability, educational, and social opportunities. Not only will a child suffer from lack of education and economic stability but as well as the essential training on how to behave. A great example of how children are influence in a single parent home is that “five out of six adolescents caught up in the criminal justice system come from families where a parent usually the father is not present”(Elshtain1). Besides the five out of six children being caught up with the criminal system “three out of four teenage suicides occur in households where a parent has been absent” and this is because they lack the emotional and physical love and affection in which they want. Whether it is the father or the mother missing in the household the single parent has to play both roles and sometimes the child is not able to cope with a single parent. Although living in a single parent household is hard on the children it is just as hard on the single parent. The stress which is brought upon a single parent is usually due to the fact that they are usually low income workers with little to no education and likely to unemployed from time to time. When a parent is the only parent in the household many times they want another parent in the house for economic stability and guidance for the child. Ways in which many single family household are is that another adult lives in the house with the single parent and they are usually just partners.
The second type of the nontraditional family is the concept of the blended family. When one looks at a blended family one may think they are a traditional family because although, a blended family and a traditional family are very similar is making up. A blended family can be defined as “represent desire on the part of the newly joined parents to create a...

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