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1. Role Preparation: (A brief presentation, how you prepared your role?)

In the role play, I am an elderly South Asian immigrant grandparent (Baba – in this role play) with significant medical problems, arrived in Canada just two months ago. His wife passed away six months back, mentally disturbed and hoping to have some emotional support from his only son who migrated to Canada 16 years back. Baba is also sick, needs to consult a doctor and looking for a quite corner in the apartment where he can live without any disturbances.

Baba belongs to an old school of South Asian thought. His cultural narrative about being the head of the family is his duty to make sure that his son and all his family members start following old family traditions. His main concern is his 14 years old grand daughter, who does not wear appropriate dresses and always glued to TV, computer and busy in chatting with her friends on cell phone all the time. He seeks help from his son to cooperate with him, talk to his wife and daughter in bringing back the old traditions in the family.

Being a South Asian immigrant myself, I tried to read the mind set of seniors who are real victims of ‘Cultural Shock’. Working as multilingual settlement counselors, I have some experience with senior clients who want to continue with those old family beliefs. This makes the family life quite miserable from many aspects. I tried to picture one of those typical characters and tried to imitate their dress, communication style non verbal behaviour and actions in my role as a South Asian grandpa

2. Assessment: (Your working hypotheses stating the major factors influencing the family’s primary challenges and the individual, family, extra- familial resources that may be used to resolve the challenge)

It was family of three; father who is migrated to Canada 16 years back, mother who born and brought up here, and also locally born 14 years daughter. Now grandpa has added to family. He is a recent immigrant form India.

My working hypothesis is that all the family members in their own positions, internalizing the dominant culture narratives are rejecting themselves and blaming other family members.

It is low income family with meager resources on their disposal. Money is tight, and there is not much space in the two bedroom apartment to provide privacy to every one.
Father is doing two jobs; mother is doing a part time job to meet the financial challenges. Mother has a challenge to control the ‘rebelliousness’ of here daughter, while daughter find herself under criticism all the time. Due to the recent inclusion of grandpa, some cultural and communication issues are also there. They are not able to appreciate the strengths the have as a family. There seems to be no extra familial resources that can be accessed to resolve the challenge.

3. Model name Family Therapy Model: (Describe the primary Family dynamics, working hypothesis, goals and possible interventions for the role...

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