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Family Today Essay

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Family Today
What is a family today? What challenges does being a member of a
family present while traditional family structures change? Every
family has to struggle to balance the demands of work and children.
Also the relationship between each spouse can become more delicate and
complicated. Besides, the single parent has to face even more
challenges than any other.

Today, in a vast majority of families, both the wife and husband have
a job. Many working parents are under stress as they have to try to
balance the demands of their work, children and relationship. Over
the past 25 years, women's and men's roles have changed dramatically.
In fact, the world of work and home are not separate, research
indicates a profound impact on work and home life. As large numbers of
married couples work outside the home and have parenting
responsibilities, their multiple roles have grown. Therefore, the
combination of work and family roles generates a spillover of stress
in these two areas.

Balancing work and family is both a female and male issue. The demands
of work pull them away from family intimacy, while the demands of
family pull them in. Either extreme can be problematic for individuals
and their intimate relationships. Indeed, how to release the stress
and achieve the needs of an on-going relationship, are two of the
major challenges facing working parents.

The relationship between the parents of a working family becomes more
delicate and complicated when compared with the traditional family
structure. Now that structure is not accepted by an increasing number
of educated and professional women. The traditional family unit
changed rapidly during the second half of the 20th century due to the
effects of two world wars, rapid industrialization, the development of
technology, and the effects of the women's liberation movement. As a
result the family became small (less children) and the majority of
women now can obtain equal opportunities in both education and work.

The role of a family is to struggle to survive, to protect and support
children until children become mature and independent adults capable
of providing for themselves, and to provide a good standard of living.
Moreover, if men and women can not co-operate well to deal with,the
decision-making is difficult or does not satisfy both, and then wife
and husband may easily have arguments and disagreements. For some of
them, these may become a serious communication problem.

Since both men and women have to look after the family, sometimes they
will have to put their personal, emotional and physical needs aside.
As already mentioned, when men and women feel stressed, then...

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