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The first family tradition I want to talk about relates to the fact that I'm half Moroccan.
Ever since I was a child, we would go as a family every summer vacation to Morocco. It
started longer than I can remember, and it is still continued until today. I would say that my
mother was behind the idea of this tradition, but definitely my father has as much
appreciation for the tradition as her. My mother's appreciation for this tradition comes from
the prospective of meeting her family and friends. Even though she was married and had a
family of her own, I always got the feeling from her that no matter where life takes you, you
don't forget your parents and siblings. She loves all of us and is happy with her life, but she
never seemed happier than when she was in Morocco. My father on the other hand is more
in love with Morocco as a country rather than a place to meet our family, he loves the
nature, food, weather, and things of that source. No matter how different their reasons of
liking Morocco, they always agreed on spending our summer vacation over there.

Me and my brothers on the other hand, did not like going there as kids. We did not feel
the connection that our felt, we felt that it's not fair to spend our vacation traveling instead
of sleeping and watching television. Also in my community, children are much more likely to
grow up denying their mothers heritage and considering their father heritage as their only
heritage. But growing up, my mother had such an influence on us. She would tell us stories
about her family and Morocco and try to make it sound as fascinating as she can, and she
didn't tolerate us bad mouthing her heritage, which we did as a result of what our
community put in us.
I know for a fact that today, every one of us appreciate this tradition, and we are always
looking forwards for summer...

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