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Family Trip To London Essay

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London is a great place for travel, history simply coming to life when you're walking down its streets. The city has been through so much and is now the capital of the world's greatest empire. It offers a wide range of attractions and historic/ cultural opportunities for family vacations. A family trip here would benefit everybody with the experience and education that we would treasure for the rest of our lives.
To start off the trip, the total is $6488.00 which includes the round flight, lodging, transportation, and spending money. The flight will be on US Airways with each person costing $1055.00. Both the departure and return flights have one stop before returning their destinations ...view middle of the document...

Starting from its iconic clock tower, Big Ben to the mysterious Tower of London. Many historic buildings are in this great city. The Globe Theatre is where many of Shakespeare's first plays took place! Even though the original theater was destroyed by a fire in the 17th century, a modern version of it called the Shakespeare's Globe is now in its place ("London Town"). Big Ben is the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, begun in 1843, and was completed in 1859. The Tower of London was designed as a fortress stronghold but also served as a residence for monarchs of England and held many famous prisoners ("Time Out"). Back during World War II, the United Kingdom went through a period of heavy bombing by Nazi Germany called The Blitz. It was between September 1, 1940 and May 21, 1941 that there were major aerial raids ("London Blitz"). Due to this, many buildings in the London area have a mix of historic and modern architectural styles side-by-side for support. Obtaining all this knowledge and more can help me in the future when I need it.
Despite the airfare and other necessities being quite expensive, it can be balanced out with the various variety of attractions that surround the city of London. The best part is that most of them, despite what you may believe that nothing is free, have absolutely no charge with choices of over 300 different museums. The most popular is the British Museum, which includes enormous collections of ancient artifacts and works of art. There are many sections such as ancient Greece, Egypt, Africa, and the Orient ("British Museum"). Another reason to go to London would be two words. Doctor Who. London is also home to the T.V. channel BBC. One of their most famous shows is Doctor Who, which I'm sure we're all aware of it. This would include going to The Who Shop. It is not just a store for merchandise, but also a small museum that all fans of all ages would enjoy. It has over 120 different props and costumes used on "Doctor Who" and other shows like "Torchwood", "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and "K9" all who date back to 1964. Even though this one does have a fee to enter, they have part of donations given to charity ("The Who Shop"). Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. What more is there to say? This city includes many series that have caused us to bond stronger than before and I now bring forth an opportunity to actually experience it.

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