Family Values V. Faith Essay

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Family Values vs. Faith Born in southern California in December of 1981, I grew up as a first generation American born Chinese child. My father, the dominant parent, grew up in Main Land China, and immigrated to the US to exercise his mind at the University of North Carolina. He spent years preparing for the entrance exam in Taiwan and passionately recollects the story of how he turned his life around and "aced" the entrance exam in order to attend graduate school in the US, and gain US citizenship as well. Earning a Masters at the University, he was soon left with infinite possibilities, however, alone in the US, he was quite intimidated. He found side work in fast food restaurants and earned extra cash to travel to California where he gained experience in the field of accounting through various job opportunities in Los Angeles. Soon after establishing himself, he made it possible for his wife and parents to become permanent residents in America. Due to my father's hard work in America, my maternal grandparents were also able to establish themselves in the US. I can honestly say that my father made riches from rags and earned the respect of all of us: my mother, my older sister, both my paternal and maternal grandparents, and also myself. Because of this overwhelming amount of respect there were few times where any one of us proved my father wrong. It seems as if my father was the alpha male during my childhood.My sister and I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood. Across the street lived an Affrican American family, and next-door was home to a family of Italians. School, friends, education, and Sunm 2 basically our environment provided various influences from different walks of life. The diverse culture in America is dramatic, as well as the coalescence of religions practiced all over the country.Christianity became part of our lives as we entered high school. My sister especially found refuge and safety in the confines of her Church. She became a better person, having the confidence and stature she avoided to perform and radiate as a child. She avidly became more and more church oriented. Church activities withdrew her from the home, where she frequently skipped dinner meals on weekdays, and left early Sunday mornings for church. She would come home late after curfew and worry my father and mother about her whereabouts. My sister was not engaging in any kind of criminal activity, but nonetheless, my father became aware of her distance from home. Lectures and advice my dad gave her did little help. My father allowed us to make our own decisions in life and especially those pertaining to religion. He himself was an atheist and incessantly proclaimed his opinions through advice and example. One of his favorite and more repetitious...

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