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Family Violence Essay

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Violence, like charity, often begins at home. The roots and the causes of violent activity inpeople's lives frequently lie in their earliest experiences. It is well known that acts of aggression andassault go from generation to generation, and that dealing with the problems that arise from violentactivities among members of families really means dealing with the familites themselves andunderstanding them from generation to generation.This paper deals wih the violent confrontations that occur in otherwise ordinary appearingfamilies. Everyone is potentially a victim of someone else's anger, rage, confusion, and fear. It canstart in the earliest days of infancy with mothers who are afraid of children, don't know how to raisethem, feel inadequate to the task and overwhelmed. It continues with parents who don't know howto control young children, because the children are too active, too energetic, too precocious, orbecause the parents allow them to get out of control. Later, violent activities can occur amongchildren in the same family. Sometimes psychiatrists refer to this as sibling rivalry. Often it is thekind of violent action that occurs when an argument gets out of hand and one brother hits another,or one sister destroys another's property. Ultimately, the violence can extend to the childrenthemselves, who begin to attak their own parents. All of these kinds of violent activities havecauses and, of course, terrible effects. If we can begin to understand the causes, we can begin todeal with preventing them. There are ways to change people who engage in attacks on other people.There are sources of help, understanding, and shelter.Robinson 2Help is available for people who either find themselves in this situation or see friends orrelatives involved in it. Mental health clinics and family guidance clinics exist all over the country,with trained social workers, mental health workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists who have a greatdeal of experience with this kind of problem. Many of them are available either free or at minimalcost because they are sponsored by the United Way or some other agency. The important thing isto find out where this help is available and to reach out for it. A person who suspects somethingowes a responsibility to the child involved as well as to friends or family to take action which, inthe long run, can be the most positive thing he or she ever done.Many times violence in families is treated by the family as normal. Sometimes it is evenjustified as necessary to "control" the behavior of children. This can continue even when childrenare adolescents and young adults. The constant assaultiveness of parents eventually is reflected inmore ways than one in the behavior of the battered children.Teenagers are frequently embarrassed to discuss their difficulties at home and feel "weird"when they have to reveal things that have happened to them that they know to be out of the ordinary.One of the big problems is that meny adolescents...

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